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textures bug

  1. Resolved Graphic Bug

    So I have a bug where my character became glitched blob and game became unplayable since im an archer and i cant see **** becouse im too fat. Pls fix it, i've been playing on this character like 100+ hours and it will be really sad if i wont be able to continue my adventure. Actually it happened...
  2. why xD

    1.5.8 version
  3. Resolved Textures / Models loading Slow or not at All

    Summary: Character models as well as weapons, armor and building textures not loading. You can also see many HUD elements are missing in some screenshots such as weapon selection, or player portraits. It seems like the longer I play the more textures load in, but some never do. This issue is...
  4. YouMoMCallME

    Resolved in the City of Myzea under Siege, the textures of the walls disappear. BUG

    In the City of Myzea under Siege, the textures of the walls disappear. Beta 1.4.3 https://giphy.com/gifs/dBrDI0EXl2Ie8kYbuE Computer Specs: Win 10 gtx 1080 i7 9700k 16gb ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4S SSD 500 GB
  5. YouMoMCallME

    Resolved Textures through textures Bug

    Textures through textures Beta 1.4.2 https://ibb.co/nD86xCb https://ibb.co/sm64rsZ
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