team deathmatch

  1. marcusuno

    In Progress NA East TDM Server Consistent Downtime and High Ping Issues

    Greetings fellow warriors, I hope this post finds everyone in good health and high spirits amidst the intense battles we engage in daily. I am penning down this message to draw attention towards an issue that has been affecting a significant portion of our player base - those of us in the NA...
  2. LioneI

    Can we get some new maps for tdm, it has been 2 years

    I know we (tdm players) are not the majority here. But, we are stuck with the same 3 maps in tdm for 2 years now. Just print some low quality maps for us. The quality of the maps don't matter, we want some diversity. 1 arena scene, 1 plaine map, 1 forest map, 1 map inside a big war ship, 1...
  3. Wardrobe_Fuat

    Vlandia Rebalance When?

    So far you nerfed some overpowered factions, but vlandia remains untouched and really overpowered (Especially in siege and teamdeathmatch modes) Their tier 1 infantry unit is the cheapest in game with 80 gold price. That unit runs so fast and can outmaneuver most of other factions infantry...
  4. Vievite

    Multiplayer Montages with Ranking

    I'm trying out a different format for a multiplayer montage that doesn't have the length and aspect ratio restrictions of a short. This one is sorted into tiers and there's a countdown (or "count up", I suppose) from Recruit to Champion level. This has a bit more of a narrative than the "music...
  5. Vievite

    Bannerlord Multiplayer Shorts

    I've just started playing around with video editing and am making Youtube shorts with Bannerlord multiplayer kill montages set to music. I've done 3 so far. I'm happy to hear feedback on the quality and suggestions for future episodes as I will probably make at least a few more as a learning...
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