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  1. Need More Info Game crashes/freezes after a map changes in TDM/Siege

    Summary: This happens in a lot of ways: If a map has finished, and the server changes maps, the next map is loaded, the Faction selection screen is shown, players in the background can be heard for a second, and then the game completely freezes, the sound loops over and over and not even the...
  2. levilop

    In Progress Tsagaan Castle house glitch

    Summary: There is a glitched house easily accesible at Tsagaan Castle. On the first picture, you can see how somebody can enter that place <-- basically jumping on those big jugs and pressing W to kind of squeze yourself in the house. The second picture is taken in the house once players are...
  3. Need More Info Game freezes randomly - TAB scores viewing or just auto-displaying scores after a match

    Opening a new thread here on request. This is something that has been happening to me for several months and I've seen other players' threads on this issue. Summary: I play TDM mostly on EU server. But I think, not sure, I had it on Siege also. Once in a while in multiplayer, if I press TAB to...
  4. hoonii

    In Progress TDM server getting stuck at 0 seconds during the transmission screen.

    Summary: When the tdm server ends and enters transmission screen, after the voting is ended the transmission gets stuck at 0 seconds and new game just doesnt start for a long time. After a while it either starts or crashes. This is for everyone. How to Reproduce: Idk just play a tdm until it...
  5. Matt The Lord

    Resolved TDM glitch spot

  6. Lack of maps and poor map rotation in TDM

    During the modding tools showcase we were told that creating a siege scene takes 4 weeks (timestamped) Since AI pathing/ levels/ siege equipment etc aren't needed for TDM maps its reasonable to assume they would take much much shorter to make ( I scene'd for 2-3 years for the full invasion...
  7. Need More Info Nord Town - Map exploit

    On TDM a player is able to get into a certain building and shoot out from it without being seen or able to be shot back at. You can see the arrow go behind me in this clip. https://streamable.com/w49qdl So i switched teams, and found the guy in the wall, and followed him when he respawned...
  8. Can we please have siege instead of TDM?

    Hello, as stated in the title, can we please have siege servers instead of TDM in the server browser? TDM is currently just a frustation generator for every melee infaterist. The main problem with this are the spawns. I thought this was tested in beta, so how does it come, that it was...
  9. Sral23

    In Progress You can walk through a Wall with the camel on mp_tdm_map_004a

    Summary: you can get to some really op spots out of bounds and kill the entire tunnel system below the map (e.g. archers can do that) How to Reproduce: go to the hidden archers nest, walk up the stairs with a camel, glitch through the wall as seen Quest/Settlement Name (if related)...
  10. GoldenEagle

    More options to TDM/DM

    Hey guys, something I have wanted since warband is deathmatch/tdm servers which have melee only option enabled. Would be a nice addition, I want to 1 v 3 in peace without being bumped 4 times in a row by enemy cav or being shot up by crip archers
  11. ZHG ~ Zendar Hunters Guild

    ZHG ~ Zendar Hunters Guild

    ZHG is a small non competitive clan that formed in 2009. Many members participated in the Mount and Blade Warband Beta tests. ZHG ran two popular servers for Warband multiplayer for many years. ZHG, a siege server and ZHG TDM. http://www.zendarhunters.tk/
  12. NeuD.ef

    [Suggestion] TDM FF

    Hi all! Congrats all for Start Game, thanks to developers! But... Why TDM without FrendlyFire??? Why such disregard for realism and good fencing game? Where is a real fighting game? Players wave their weapons at random. Then they go to Skirmish and kill their mates. It's bad. Very bad. It kind...
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