1. Faulty

    Resolved e1.5.9 beta - Low town loyalty can cause negative taxes

    Summary: The player has to pay taxes to the town he owns if the loyalty is too low How to Reproduce: Load this save Media (Screenshots & Video):
  2. Bannerman Man

    Resolved [Settlement Building Bug] The tax increase from the Toll Collector building in castles does not work.

    Summary: For castles there is a building called "Toll Collector" that is supposed to boost the settlement's tax income by 10% per level, however it does not provide any boost at any level. The does building appear to be properly initialized in the DefaultBuildingTypes class (except it is...
  3. patch 1.4.1 city management issue after food balancing

    Summary: - I am facing food problems I never knew before (I noticed my orchard 3 disappeared) - Wages skyrocketed for my 210 mixed-tiers troops (-6500 denars/day). In the meantime, they generate +1000 denars/day - One of my village ( not looted) doesn't provide any tax income. The other one...
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