1. Lucon

    In Progress General Sword & Musket - Invisible BUG

    At first, we thought that the reason for this problem was related to the Vistula Legion unit's lack of LoD and texture quality. We acted with this theory and removed this unit, and with the recent update we made, we found that this problem was experienced again by a person at the event on Monday...
  2. Lucon

    Need More Info General Loading a custom battle with 10 troops takes so much time for shader compiling

    Loading a custom battle with 10 soldiers takes a lot of time for shader compilation: We've had the same problem for almost 1.5 years. Many mod projects, including us, have this kind of problem.
  3. Lucon

    Resolved Model & Animation Viewer Unable to add sound to the reload animation and getting an error.

    Upon the suggestion of Engine Developer @Abdullatif, I opened the topic here to be forwarded to the Combat team. I hope they take care of it soon. We are trying to add sound to our animation from the editor, but we noticed that it is blocked. We were adding a sound to the Reload Animation, we...
  4. Lucon

    EU Other Open Sword & Musket - September Linebattle Event [S&M e.1.1.0 - Multiplayer]

    Saturday, September 24th at 20:15 PM GMT+1 Greetings, friends, İt is now time to test our project; we have been developing many assets for a long time within the scope of the Sword & Musket project and recently custom servers were given to us by Taleworlds to test. We did some...
  5. Lucon

    Sword & Musket - A NW type great mod project in Bannerlord!

    Hello there, I am the creative producer of the Sword & Musket mod project. We have never felt the need to open a topic here, as we usually discuss some things in the forum topic, forum group and discord channel of our project. At the moment, I felt the need to open a topic here about the...
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