1. Xinamon

    Modded Ridged Tipped Arming Sword wrong hand placement

    The sword is held on the crossguard instead of the handle.
  2. Warband Sword placement.

    I need help, I was playing the Gekokujo mod, and I don't like how a katana is placed on my character, so I was wondering, how can I make a curve sword and it's scabbard face downwards with it's end pointing down instead of upwards. How can I make it be abit higher up my hips as well.
  3. In Progress Visual Bug with Crafted Sword

    Summary: While smithing my "Excalibur" ;) I found that the sword has a gap between the blade and guard. How to Reproduce: Smithing components: Short Arming Sword Blade (rank V) Max Length Knightly Golden Cresent Shaped Guard (rank V) Max Length Gold Bound Arming Sword Grip (rank V) Max Length...
  4. Keimpe

    Resolved This sword got decapitated

    Summary:This sword is missing something How to Reproduce: Look at the sword i guess Have you used cheats and if so which:No Scene Name (if related):No Media (Screenshots &...
  5. jajo1399

    Adjust Riders Sword and sheath Position

    Dear TaleWorlds Please FIX the Position of the Sword and sheath while the characters are mounted to be more realistic and for us to make more believable cinematics. PLEASE DO IT URGENTLY. I Suggest offsetting them away from the horse and safe from its animations.
  6. Need More Info [1.7.1] Crash Attempting to Craft One-Hand Sword

    Summary: [13:34:53.271] SandBox.GauntletUI.CraftingGauntletScreen::HandleInitialize [13:34:53.354] Loading xml file: $BASE/Modules/SandBox/SceneObj/crafting_menu_outdoor/scene.xscene. [13:34:53.354] Loading xml file: $BASE/Modules/SandBox/SceneObj/crafting_menu_outdoor/atmosphere.xml...
  7. In Progress Weapon usage doesn't work

    I press x 1h/2h weapon doesn't switch but throwing weapons as javelin etc. switch. I tried both modded and non modded, i also completely uninstalled and installed the game, i wonder what is the problem.
  8. SP - General Knobbed Guards are small

    I've noticed the knobbed guards are scaled quite small for the sword so small im not entirely sure it isn't a bug. Assuming that they are based on the upswept quillions of Highland Claymores historically they should be quite larger. I understand that they are also single handed sword options...
  9. vertibird

    Two Handed: Sword vs Axe ?

    I want to be a Battanian Warrior King, fighting together with my brave soldiers. Which weapon class is better? Two handed swords are faster to swing but axes can cleave. Any suggestions?
  10. SomeWeirdSins

    In Progress hand and a half swords not switching modes with hotkey

    Summary: 1h/2h hybrid swords such as the cleaver and the "Two Handed Cleaver" and "Battanian Mountain Blade" are no longer able to switch between two and one handed modes by using the 'switch weapon mode' hotkey How to Reproduce: Go into any scene (town or fight) with a 1h/2h hybrid weapon and...
  11. In Progress Image doesn't match with the item [1.5.6]

  12. SP - General 1h Swords with longer hilts should have a 2h mode, shorter hilts should have better handling

    At the risk of poking the infernal and septic hornet's nest that is historical sword typology in games and fantasy, I've noticed that several 1 handed swords (such as the arming swords) have longer handles with room enough for a second hand. Because they have the extra space, I propose that they...
  13. SP - General Sword suggestion - The Berserkr Sword

    Can you incorporate the single bladed Norse sword ( Single-edged Petersen type B, Geibig type 14 Blade ) as both one handed and two handed versions in the game? You can see pictures of it at Albion Armory under "Berserkr" sword and is based on an actual sword. It's a extremely beautiful...
  14. Andrei[beast]

    Resolved *Visual bug* handle of crafted sword is out of proportion

    So i crafted a 2 handed longsword with thamaskene steel and other things but the particular handle that i used and gave the sword the biggest amoiunt of swing damage got bugged out and below the guard of the sword is a big empty space, then the handle that i mentioned, another empty space and...
  15. Agroplode

    Possible to get different fencing styles in Bannerlord?

    A YouTube video explaining some differences. I thought it could be fun to see it in Bannerlord. For starter perhaps only in the Tournament scene to see if its balanced.
  16. Ridged iron broad sword glitch

    The ridged iron broad sword has mesh textures from something else pasted on the edge of the sword as you can see, immersion breaking, can't play knowing it's there! lol Unfortunately i download like 8 mods and applied them all at once, only one that could have affected the sword is the Weapon...
  17. Riffraff99

    Gladius Sword into Bannerlord Vanilla

    Hello, the Gladius sword is a legend, the Gladius blade is part of Bannerlord vanilla but not as sword just the blade for smithing. Plz @TW implement the Gladius sword into Bannerlord Vanilla, we have everything for vanilla roman legions except a Gladius sword, so plz implement it :smile:
  18. John Frederick

    [The Armory] Post your smithing creations!

    Hello everyone, I'm surprised that I haven't seen a thread for this yet, so I wanted to make one location for everybody to share the fruits of their labor with the smithing skill. Discussions about the implementation and balance of the mechanics are not the objective of this thread, only a spot...
  19. GG Cannon

    You have two options

    Two Handed or Two Handed
  20. Borkel

    Resolved Characters grabbing some swords by the crossguard

    Summary: some swords are grabbed by the crossguard instead of being grabbed by the grip, i've also seen some swords being grabbed far too low from the crossguard How to Reproduce: most Vlandian lords grab that sword by the crossguard, so looking for them is a good way to reproduce it Media...
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