sword sisters

  1. dragonuff

    Please add female troops back in bannerlord

    One of my favorite troops in warband was the sword sister troop line. Sword Sisters demand significantly lower wages compared to their male counterparts, therefore procuring them can be very worthwhile from a financial point of view. The most reliable way to acquire Sword Sisters is by upgrading...
  2. How to get sword sister?

    Currently I got one sword sister in my party, which is recruited from prisoners taken from an empire lord's army. Where do these troops initially spawn? Are they recently added or just appears in late game cause didn't notice them in early game. Are they the only female troops right now?
  3. Adept

    No sword sisters? No refugee women, nothing. What the hell?!?

    Where the heck are all the women? It's not really Mount & Blade unless I can rescue peasant women from their life of drudgery and turn them into swift death on a white courser. I hope this isn't some intended change, but rather a temporary absence.
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