1. five bucks

    SP - General Making Surrender Have a Purpose - Simple System

    Currently, surrendering is a terrible option the player will almost never want to do, even if they are not save-scumming. In real life, surrendering could potentially have benefits compared to fighting to the death, but in Bannerlord it has no benefit. It may as well not even exist as an option...
  2. SP - Battles & Sieges Enemies should surrender instead of fleeing and die

    Half of the battles duration is chasing enemies at the end. This is not fun. I already suggested npc being able to fight back Now I suggest that enemies should decide surrender (individually and as a group) under certain circumstances. They should decide whether to flee or surrender in order...
  3. Apocal

    In Progress [1.5.7] Reproducible crash upon caravan surrender.

    Summary: The game consistently crashes when engaging survivors of a previously raided caravan who surrender to you, as soon as the prisoner screen loads. How to Reproduce: In the attached save game, talk to nearby caravan of 3. Select dialog options-> "Hand over all your goods!" ->"I want...
  4. Holy Shift

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops NPC Lord Run to Me with 20 Troops Aganist My 300

    We were at war but what kind of furiosity was that? I was standing on open field and NPC lord run straight to me and demanded surrender from me.
  5. Nerethi

    SP - Battles & Sieges Cower and Yield

    In Bannerlord and back in Warband too, morale loss of the troops during battle causes them to flee , or rather run like joggers until they disappear from the battlefield. I sense that Bannerlord can do greater deeds. A random behavior like : - Falling to the ground in fear, dropping weapons...
  6. Ackdam

    SP - General Bandit/looter surrender loot issue

    So, this was a "bug" I posted a while ago, but I believe it is more of a suggestion concerning an oversight rather than a mistake in and of itself. Summary: While having a discussion about whether the Merry Men perk is working or not (I have seen the option to recruit even though I do not have...
  7. PowerToni

    Why lords don't surrender? And also another use of the renown system

    Would be nice (and realistic) that a lord with a party of 20 people I'm at war with would surrender to my army of 250 men. Never happened once. Also, I did a "bad guy" run, basically executing every lord I defeated. Wouldn't it be great if other people start to "fear" you? I mean, there's a...
  8. Ackdam

    Resolved Bandit/looter surrender loot issue.

    Summary: While having a discussion about whether the Merry Men perk is working or not (I have seen the option to recruit even though I do not have the perk, so the mechanic is there at least) I realized there exists another issue when said option pops up. How to Reproduce: Engage bandits/looters...
  9. Resolved Crashing game

    Hi Guys. My game is crashing when trying to surrender.. help me.
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