1. STcloz

    What does the word "personal" mean?

    If I appoint a surgeon, will the "personal" perks work on my party?
  2. Lornloth00

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Sword Sisters give passive party bonus

    Since the sword sister troop tree has its weaknesses and people have been complaining about them being vulnerable how about giving them something to compensate for this.The sword sisters could give a passive bonus as if they had perks or a special perk that increase some medicine skill if there...
  3. SP - General Injured troops shouldn't always survive until recovery

    Injured troops and heroes always fully recover, after a certain period of time has passed. I propose that injured troops should still have a chance to die, affected by the Surgeon's medicine skill, post-battle. Injuries are not very impactful at the moment, except for slowing the party and...
  4. SP - UI Display character role modifiers in party assignment screen

    I know this info is somewhat available in the character screen, where it looks nice and clean within each category. Would it be possible to add some of this info about how a character assigned to scout/steward/surgeon/engineer modifie the party? It would help with knowing just what’s happening...
  5. Resolved Dead Surgeon retaining title [1.5.1]

    My surgeon companion died in battle (rip) and now it is impossible to reassign the surgeon role to any of my other teammates and impossible to remove the surgeon status from the dead character. If I try to assign it from the clan menu, the option is not available. I would assume this applies to...
  6. IJIN

    In Progress Unable to assing SURGEON role to Players' party

    There is simply no option in role´s list. When I started the new game the option was there, but at some point it dissapeared. Running 1.4.2 version. Have mods - could be the problem.. UPDATE: It appears that I am unable to appoint a surgeon only to my own party. Other parties have all the...
  7. kreamy

    SP - General Clan Roles -> Selecting one Kicks another one (make drop down, or otherwis)

    Got screwed in game, changed a companion clan role, and it removed all the other clan roles that were assigned (IE if some1 is surgeon, and u are assigning a quartermaster, and you pass through the surgeon to assign quartermaster, the surgeon is UNASSIGNED). I am not goign to talk to ppl...
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