1. ViriathusTG

    Quality of life suggestions

    Hey, I have some suggestions just for quality of life of the game, feel free to also post yours - Like in Warband, when you have a prisoner it shows next to your party number for example 13 + 2 - When you want to give your companion a weapon, then still be able to talk with the companion about...
  2. Resolved Bugs, Other Issues, and Suggestions

    For the developers if you read this: Thank you for all of your hard work so far. I'm very excited to play this game and watch it grow. I hope you see this feedback as helpful in some way. I doubt you'll take all of it into account, but anything that you do use, I will appreciate. If you have...
  3. Advanced Troop management suggestion for Taleworlds or mod creators

    A suggestion I have is being able to leave a portion of your troops in a place that you don't own. Say: a town or second party or temporary camp. It would make dropping troops to catch a bandit group less of a financial decision... or the same with getting away from a chasing party if you could...
  4. We're getting more than the commands we have in the beta, Right?

    Definitely need a width command instead of it being adaptive. In the videos Taleworlds posted, there were more
  5. Suggestions for bannerlord

    Hello all here is suggestions i personally would like to happen in bannerlord,if you agree with those suggestions comment something postive about this thread or if you dont like it we can have a friendly chat in the comments and see what is the best solution!😄 Things that i feel it would make...
  6. Lucius Confucius

    Unlimited Corpses on the Battlefield, Please?

    Hello! Viewed the E3 videos, and they are great! But I noticed that bodies disappeared rather quickly, so in order to keep players immersed, could you please allow those of us with powerful machines an option for unlimited or very large number of dead bodies to be displayed on the battlefield...
  7. TylerWilley04

    Game Ideas

    This is where you post your suggestions or ideas for a game. Make sure to include the genre and images to make the idea look even better.
  8. Middovah

    My Suggestions

    My Suggestions 1)Horse's weapon inventory Horse can have a two slot for our weapon (like our extra weapon slot, if our own weapon slot is not enough, we use it) 2)Houses İf we are not become a lord or king (if we dont have village , castle or city) We can buy houses on any city, we can...
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