1. Lornloth00

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Help the modders increas hairstyles

    Please help the modders increase the amount of hairstyles, facial hair, scars, and markings by giving them the information they need to do this so that they can add more of these things through mods. It can be posted here if there is no where to post it. I am certain that players would like more...
  2. POLL: Eliminate Dragon Banner Quest and install Variable Playthrough Styles?

    -What if I want to be a MERCHANT, and gain power through money and eventually buy/own everything? -What if I want to be a KILLMONGER, and behead the nobles of every faction and seize their property? -What if I want to be a GOOD KING, and let charisma and wise choices make people want to follow...
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