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  1. scarface52

    Resolved String Error for "Enable Tutorial"

    Summary: Hovering over "Enable Tutorial" text in the campaign options reveals an error message. How to Reproduce: Hover over "Enable Tutorial" text in the campaign options. Media (Screenshots & Video):
  2. Need More Info Some string IDs are shared with others!!!!!

    Found a problem during localization. Some string IDs are shared with others. For example (although it is real) The display of the menu accessing the shop in the village is [Buy products], but the city is [Trade], which is the same as the skill name [Trade]. The problem is that both [Trade] use...
  3. In Progress No string sanitation on steam usernames for multiplayer chat

    Summary: When using a username with angle brackets, the chat window will print some of the XML/HTML code and will break because the username string is not sanitized. The chat window will fail to display the message properly and communication breaks down. How to Reproduce: Change your steam...
  4. TiberiusMars

    Need More Info [e1.0.4] [All Known Typo and Dialogue Issues]

    Post any typos or dialogue issues you find and I will add them to the main post. Additional information as to where the typo was found is a plus. Please let me know if any of the following get fixed and I will add a note. Additional list of typos can be found here...
  5. Need More Info [BUG] ERROR: COMMENT_STRING variable has not been sent before

    Found a not too terrible bug, I apologize if this has already been reported before. It's kind of an issue since after accepting the quest to deliver some goods for Danos the Smith, when you leave he automatically talks to you about stealing his goods. If you refuse saying something about how...
  6. Need More Info str_inventory_dmg_type doesn't exist

    When forging throwing axes the tooltip string doesn't exist
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