1. Fietta

    Fietta's ECS Streaming Schedule - GIGA VS OIDA tonight at 20GMT

    OIDA vs GIGASTACK - Sunday 25th October 20GMT
  2. Nordwolf

    Need More Info BattleEye Blocks OBS Streaming or video capture

    OBS can't capture Bannerlord in neither windowed or full-screen mode. Full monitor capture is still possible, but it's good 20 or more fps slower than the other ones. I haven't used it before, but others reported that it was fine before the 1.5.2 update. How it's visible in BE...
  3. ArchaeusGaming

    Need More Info Streaming Issues with Rendering Encoder

    Not sure where else to post this because it does have to do with performance or if any other streamers are experiencing this, but Bannerlord is the only game I've streamed where I get significant skipped frames due to rendering lag. Every other game I can easily stream at 1080p60 with no stutter...
  4. Cordor

    The only REAL and RELEVANT gamer on this forum - Rising E-CLOWN super star

    Hello, some of you may know me, some don't, that doesn't matter because you will now, let me tell you this mother heckers I am a Professional Street Fighter player I won 2 online SFV tournaments against all the best, I won all the local SFV tournaments, I am one of the best new gen third strike...
  5. BladeCast_TV


    Welcome to the BladeCast_TV. We are a small but ambitious streaming studio from the Mount & Blade community. We strive to achieve excellence in production, graphics and personalities. Our studio is run by and works with highly respected members of the communities we are involved in and seeks to...
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