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  1. StaceMcGate

    Skills 1.80 and Onwards

    Thoughts and discussion on how skills are currently implemented and suggestions for future changes. Gonna just focus on Stewardship, Roguery, and Trade; feel free to add in own thoughts if ya want. Stewardship This is the big one I think needs an overhaul. Currently feels redundant and...
  2. In Progress Skill bug(s) information: 1. Party Quartermaster & 2. Mission/Quest Companion Trade Skill

    Summary: 1. Party Quartermaster & 2. Mission/Quest Companion Trade Skill How to Reproduce: 1. In Party Screen, mouse over any party member review/select of the Party Quartermaster. Skill details reported are Trade: {displays party member's Trade skill value} 2. Some NPC trade type missions...
  3. Suggestion for Giving Hands Perk

    The stewarding Perk Hands is currently one of the most, if not the most powerful in the game, especially when coupled with smithing. The descriptions says that discarded weapons (including shields, arrows bolts etc) gives XP to troops. By crafting high level two handed swords or slashing pole...
  4. StaceMcGate

    Please rework Leadership, Trade, and Steward

    The gist of my argument here is that Steward currently has too many responsibilities assigned to it and Trade/Leadership are lacking in the perks they can assign to the player. Steward should delegate some its responsibilities to Leadership and Trade while having a specific purpose in what it is...
  5. Leadership and Steward are overlapping skill lines needing some rework

    One of the most annoying things that have bothered me about the skill tree are the leadership and steward trees, I long thought it was a bug that steward, a skill line mostly about supplies and managing fiefs, was given a party bonus, while leadership, a skill line about well, leading parties...
  6. Resolved Skill issue of Steward lv 250 - Ruler

    Summary: The skill "Ruler" of steward is no working even it is marked "Active". "Ruler" description show that Clan Ruler can +1 companion for each town as my owned. I have owned many towns but my companion limit did not change, also (8/8 as 5 level family). Of cause cannot employ more...
  7. Resolved Quartermaster role for party in clan window show the trade skill

    Summary: When I assign a role to a character in one of my parties, it shows the corresponding skill of said character. scouting -> scout, engineering -> engineer, surgeon -> medicine. But the quartermaster role shows the trade skill of the character. Unless I've been misguided since the launch...
  8. Need More Info Steward +1 companion perk

    I have 200 skill points for Steward skill so I have chosen +1 companion perk (for 200 points). However my companion limit has not increased yet. It is still the same. Is this a bug or is there anything that I need to do ?
  9. TreeguyhosJ


    NONE of the perks for stewardship work. The game's leveling system seems like it doesnt even matter anymore. Some perks grow at a snails rate and you have to grind like hell to get it to work or but every precious focus point you have into them. It feels like a pipe dream to even reach level...
  10. Steward skill 100 bannerlord bug

    My Steward skill lvl 100 skill is bugged, when I choose the bannerlord skill that gives me +2 partyspace for every fief that I own, I know that it may be only castles and towns and not villages included but I didnt get anything from it, not even +4 because I have a castle and a town.
  11. TreeguyhosJ

    1.1.0 Prominence Steward Perk does not work

    I am a vassal for the southern empire, I own land, I have the perk Prominence yet when the daily cycle ends my influence still goes down by -1 because the law speaker policy is in action, I can't get any influence because of this.
  12. zwien

    Need More Info Steward Skill "Bannerlord" (+2 party size for each fief) not working

    Summary: "Bannerlord" is the level 100 upgrade for the Steward skill. "+2 to party size for each fief you own.(active)" I received no party size increase. How to reproduce: Play the game for 50 hours and get 100 in Steward skill. Then choose the "Bannerlord" upgrade. :facepalm: Version: 1.0.7...
  13. Need More Info Companions gain no stewardship experience as governors

    Title says most of it. Despite buildings being built, the prosperity being increased and (massive) amounts of money being in the reserve, my companions that I have set as governors have not received a single point of experience in "Steward" over an extended period of time. Be advised, in both...
  14. Zettaiken

    Need More Info Perk "Bannerlord" for Steward 100 bug

    I've unlocked the perk "Bannerlord" after achieving Steward 100, actually before that perk I had 320 party size, I have for now 60 fiefs and with that perk I should got +2 party size for each fief, but it doesn't work and my party size didn't change to 440.
  15. Need More Info Steward Skill, 'Man-at-Arms' perk not applying

    Noticed no change in party size upon taking the perk either to my own party or to companion parties.
  16. maxoverload91

    Need More Info [e1.0.2] Steward Perks don't work (Most perks don't work)

    I've taken two steward perks that should give me, as clan leader, bonus influence (Supreme Authority and Prominence). However, neither of them seem to do anything. My current influence gain is +3: +4 from notables because the kingdom I'm in has Council of the Commons as a policy and I have a...
  17. maxoverload91

    [e1.0.2] Governors not learning steward skill.

    Just what the title says. The text ingame says you should build projects and buildings in the settlements for governors to earn XP but my companion who I made governor hasn't earned any even though she should be gaining at least a little (she has INT 1).
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