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  1. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.3] Steppe Bandits Hero died

    Just got an announcement banner that the Steppe Bandit clan is no more as the Steppe Bandits hero has died of old age (death campaign option is disabled).
  2. Steppe Bandits on Lame Sumpter horses are just sad

    They move so slowly, it feels like a footman with decent athletics score will run faster, though maybe that says more about how fast the Athletic movement speed bonus can get than about the lame version of an already slow horse. Still, from a thematic standpoint, it feels like the bandit group...
  3. Steppe Bandit hideouts getting out of hand.

    71 Steppe bandits in a single hideout is simply too much. In this particular spot of the map, the bandits reform the hideout within a day or two of clearing it. 2nd) Steppe bandits need to have their speed reduced on the campaign map. its impossible to catch them when they move around with...
  4. Bandit Seems Rare Nowdays

    Where are they? why so they spawn seem decrease? Just started new games > go to desert > Find desert bandit & stepee bandit > Where Are they? > Found 1 group of desert bandit > Group of 3 desert bandit > Laugh
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