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  1. Caskie

    Need More Info General Can't update or create a mod to the steam workshop.

    On the 30th of March i tried updating one of my workshop mods, which I last updated in February with ease. I was met with the text in the command prompt shown in the 1st image. I verified my game, tried changing my network, turning off my anti virus, tried even updating with a known working...
  2. Cant upload mod

    I created a weapon mod that works in game but I cant figure out how to upload. I tried using both of the methods listed on Anyone able to tell me what I have screwed up? For the mod tool, after clicking publish module. The...
  3. ilkKALE

    Steam Workshop(Atölye) için Ayrıntılı Rehber

    Steam'de atölyeye yükleme yapabilmeniz için -hangi oyunu ya da aplikasyonu satın aldıysanız- satın aldığınız öğeye ait atölye yardımcı programını kullanmanız gerekiyor. Ben de çok araştırmıştım en sonunda Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord için atölyeye öğe yüklemeyi başardım. Ki Şöyle; Taleworlds...
  4. In Progress Steam Workshop Mods not working on Geforce Now

    Summary: Shortly, I subscribed to some mods on the Steam Workshop, but when I start the game in Geforce Now they don't appear in the launcher, already seen around the web it's a diffused issue. It's a pity since I feel modding is an essential part of TW games. Any help or answer would be greatly...
  5. Consul_Kaiser

    Steam Workshop

    TW promiosed that Steam Workshop will be out when the game comes out. That day is fast approaching. If I was a betting man I would say that this will not happen and probably wont till the beginning of next year.
  6. Asokanta

    Resolved Getting "Steam is not open. Please open Steam" error while uploading mod to Steam Workshop

    I searched about this but literally nothing came up. Any helps? I also tried uploading mod with SteamCMD. I can upload but when I try to download it, it doesn't install mod to the warband's modules folder. I can easily log in with SteamCMD and it doesn't say "Steam is not...
  7. TKnight

    SP - General Add Steam Workshop for Mods.

    I have seen some posts regarding that , but no suggestions. Can we please have a proper steam workshop for mods? For people who are not familiar , steam workshop auto updates and install the mods for Bannerlord.
  8. Steam Workshop

    Summary:Hi. I'm just wondering when is the freaking bannerlord steam workshop or full release coming. I'm from Turkey and there is lot of players in Turkey like me. I don't know if ever someone is gonna read this or that someone will be Türk. If not Turkey's economy is **** and like me most of...
  9. Steam Workshop

    When will steam workshop be accessible? I read it will be accessible with full-release but I couldn't find any information about full-release date. I also don't understand why we are waiting for full-release. People are already using other applications to mod the game. I'm playing Bannerlord...
  10. Meowricio

    SP - General Steam workshop

    I'm think it's obvious steam workshop will be added in feature, but many players need it right now. I was trying to play Bannerlord completely without mods to have "clear" experience, but was a bit disappointed in many things like smithing, grinding levels, impossibility to create you kingdom...
  11. Steam workshop

    I was just wondering if you guys have a date when you're gonna add steam workshop
  12. Cri11e

    Steam Workshop When?

    Hyped for mods and the best mod platform available for users.
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