1. Resolved Items Disappearing From Stash After Crash [Beta 1.5.8]

    My issues started after updating from 1.5.7, no thumbnails/pictures would load characters, troops, inventory, vendors, etc. maybe 1 or 2 out of 100. Made a large stash in Myzea a few hours before the crash. Crashed after completing the "Disrupting Supply Lines" main quest upon defeating the...
  2. In Progress Trade Skill and stash in town

    Summary: It is possible to deposit items in the stash and gain trade skill points by doing so. How to Reproduce: Owning a city, deposit items in the stash. Checking the experience in that skill before and afterwards reveals additional points in the skill.
  3. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    In Progress [1.5.6 BETA] Town Granary won't build, Town stash gives discarding warning(Town double trouble)[.sav]

    2 problems 1 .sav The Granary upgrade isn't budging (took some boost money though) and the "1 day 0% " estimate looks odd to me. When I use the Town Stash I get a warning that I'm discarding items. So far it seems to actually store the items, but I haven't risked leaving them for a long time...
  4. Xaerdys

    When I put items in my stash, loose the fief and later get it back, are the items gone?

    When I put items in my stash, loose the town/castle and later get it back, are the items gone? How risky is it to put in the stash. And is it possible to use the stash while you are a vassal, leave the kingdom and later come back to conquer your fief to get your items back? Does anyone know...
  5. Stash in castles

    Tiny thing, but so annoying not to have. Can we please have the "storage" feature from towns also available in castles? The way Bannerlord's "party encumbrance" and "heard" implementation works, once the player builds up a larger party that requires horses to speed up, if for whatever reason...
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