1. Lornloth00

    In Progress Smaller steps please; NPCs' bumping into ladders and stairs.

    I was playing custom battle on 1.5.6. it was on Simira Castle, I was playing defense and I noticed that the units could not go up the steps. When I tried I could not do it either. I have noticed things like this in any bandit camp that has stairs whether they are wood or stone in previous...
  2. Usanc castle missing stairs

    so i got usanc castle and it looks quite nice and defendable except its pretty hard to get around inside cause there are alot of missing staircases the frames are there but the steps are not this is the first castle ive seen this issue at screenshots
  3. Unresolved Climbing stairs problem in hideout

    I found out that while climbing stairs, mainly wooden ones in hideout (screenshot show steppe bandit hideout, woodden stairs) character gets crouching, and cannot climb, like its stuck on texture, or looses contact with stairs plane. Warriors from your party are also affected, which makes it...
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