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  1. Short_n_quick

    Resolved [1.5.4 beta]Puluc stacking issue

    While playing puluc sometimes stacked pieces leave gap between each other, as if one of neighbouring pieces was invisible. I suppose that it happens when you capture a pawn of color that is the lowermost one in the stack you are capturing with. E.g. Black captures white, then again this stack...
  2. takeoshigeru

    BL Coding How to decrypt stack.txt

    A user of my mod sent me a crash report. Inside there is a file stack.txt that looks like this: #[email protected]{19CF44C5044848C58468B90621BF5758} (1): 0:4412557 #[email protected]{19CF44C5044848C58468B90621BF5758} (1): 0:3578503 #[email protected]{7E7F498ED818452C8DF97404F93D1E19} (1): 0:945710...
  3. 9yearsago

    How do towns produce armour?

    How do towns produce armour? Is it related to town's inventory or shops in the town? Because town inventory, especially armors they sell never seem to change. I am filthy rich but I can't find high end armors in towns and apparently they remained same since the very beginning of the game.
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