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  1. Vinn7

    South América Server can be biggest

    Hello everyone, in special the developers. Greetings from South America Dear TaleWorlds, I'll be brief with your time. I am the representative of the Warband group in Brazil, we are a lot of fans of the game Mount & Blade, we have created big tournaments and some paid with prizes and we want to...
  2. Goyyyio

    The South American issue and a pledge for Custom Servers

    First of all, let me say that the game has been incredibly playable now, the performance updates have been amazing and the game has never run so well on my computer, props to that. The reason I say playable, its because even after two years, the NA servers still crash (even with 16 people...
  3. South America Events/Regiments

    Hello everyone from south america and outside I am from "[ERB]" and we are the biggest regiment in Brazil I'm here to invite everyone who wants to play, whether in a Brazilian or a Latin regiment. Feel free to add me: Speed#8092
  4. Lele

    Necesitamos servidores latinos

    Necesitamos servidores para los latinos, ya no me importa que no sean oficiales, por lo menos permitan la capacidad de alquilar servidor para esta region, tengo un nivel de experiencia multijugador alto y la verdad que estoy cansado de tener que jugar con 200 de ping constantes. Ademas de que...
  5. Cinere Inexplicitus

    Cinere Inexplicitus

    Time brasileiro de Mount e blade,voltado ao competitivo.
  6. Server in SOUTH AMERICA PLEASE! (we are ignored)

    The South American community needs a decent server. Many of us have bought this game to play in multiplayer, but its impossible. But TalesWorld completely ignores us. We are disappointed with this company and game. We at least deserve a decent reply Will you open a server for South America or...
  7. fedemotta3

    South america needs servers

    Hello, could you set up a server for south america?. It's kind of incredible and annoying that we have nowhere to play multiplayer, if we want to hit something that is. I think we are not asking for much, given that we bought the game as everybody else has, but have received half the content...
  8. Bxnny

    We want South American servers

    This has been an issue we have discussed within SA for the last couple of months, since Bannerlord started to arise with activity as the release of the game was coming, "will there be servers for us? I want to play officials and competitively." We went to Gamescom last year, with the owner of...
  9. Bannerlord Argentina

    Bannerlord Argentina

    - Grupo Oficial perteneciente a la comunidad de Warband/Bannerlord Argentina - Official Group belonging to the Warband / Bannerlord Argentinan community (en desarrollo / in development)
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