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  1. Adonnay

    Suggestion General New VolunteerProductionModel not consequent enough

    First of all I greatly appreciate the implementation of the new model and the help I got from the TW discord on that topic. As some of you may know I made a mod that allows users to replace the basic troop of any faction with one or more custom basic troops. That being said I think the new...
  2. BannerPage Source Code Release Anywhere?

    Greetings As the title says, I am wondering if the bannerPage source code with the modsys folder structure is available and open since it is having many serious bugs from the old diplomacy mod version and it seems bannerPage has been having a stall in the bugfixing process: Last released...
  3. Bisoso1893

    WB Coding How can I change the start year for a mod?

    I got the source code from my favourite mod, I just put the folder of the source code in the module of the mod I wanted to edit, I alredy edited ":cur_year" in the "" but in game the year I changed doesn't show, help please
  4. Captain_Octavius

    Petition to release module source code for modders after the code refactor

    While I understand Taleworlds may not be very keen to support modding while the game is unfinished and in early access, the fact is that there's already a very large group of players that use mods. The most popular mods on nexusmods have well over 200k downloads. It is clear that for many...
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