1. SP Other Introducing Tunes of Calradia!

    Hey fellow Calradians, I am very happy to announce Tunes of Calradia - the very first Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord music expansion mod! We all know and love the unique medieval atmosphere of Bannerlord, and few elements support this experience as much as the lovingly composed background music...
  2. AngryPanCake


    Hello, Do you guys know whether it is possible to add music tracks to the game and whether it is easy to do? I know the easiest way is to have Youtube/Pandora...etc, running in the background, but I was thinking about adding tracks that would run depending on the game situations. Thank you, APC
  3. assenort

    Help: Trying to find more info on a music theme (alegedly) from M&B

    Hi guys, I was watching a video on YouTube and a piece of music from this video caught my attention. Some other people commented below the video that the music theme is from an early (beta) version of the Mount & Blade game. Since I am unfamiliar with this game - until recently I had never...
  4. (Soundtrack)MP'da savaş başlamadan önceki moral konuşmalarının soundtracki

    Multiplayer'da siege captain veya skirmisher modunda round başlamadan önce hangi factiondaysak ona göre özel moral konuşmaları oluyor mesela İmparatorluk'da 'Dragon and Eagle CALRADIA! CALRADIA!' diyor. Bunların tamamını nereden bulabilirim oyun dosyalarına baktım ama bulamadım herhangi bir mod...
  5. Holy Shift

    SP - General Please Keep Soundtracks Epic and Pastoral Only

    I think only this kind of musics suits the game.
  6. Piconi

    🎻Bards` Tales

    Let us try create a place where all of us can share our fan made Calradia/Bannerlord-related poetry and soundtracks, so we can all enjoy the creativity, and perhaps even make a pool of songs for use in some future mods ! By posting all in one place, we would also avoid unneccessary fragmentation...
  7. Further support of the game!

    First of all I wish to say that the game is amazing! It is absolutely everything that I expected and much, much more! Well played, Taleworlds! Having said that, I wish to express my desire to further support that game, even with little things. I am sorely in need of a Soundtrack DLC, as I find...
  8. Sir Pwn-A-Lot

    Negative feedback after a day worth of playing

    First off, I expected forums to be more restructured for early access release, community managers did a piss poor job preparing for such a major event. You have people encountering bugs, typos, balance issue and coming up with questions regarding the way game is designed and all they have is...
  9. ulufarkas

    Spotify Playlist for Bannerlord

    It has been long long years since Warband got released. It had legendary in-game musics, master-piece soundtrack and battle soundtracks. But they are not uploaded to Spotify officially. Well, I demand official support from Taleworlds, I want them to upload whole soundtracks of Bannerlord to...
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