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  1. omerkenan

    Resolved Crash at Winter Maps

    Summary: Hi, at first I can play multiplayer but only desert maps. If the map is winter map, it is not loading, just crashing. Actually, I sent dump 2 times but maybe there is another solution so I am here.
  2. Lusitani 5th Empire

    Need More Info Snow abruptly stops in a line on the campaing map

    I don't know if this only happens here or not, probably the issue appears in more places. Also, those trees near the "snow line" on the left side near Kaysar are not covered in snow and neither are the crops while some of the pines are. This tells me it's not intended. And... those mountains...
  3. Neluril

    Resolved Sturgian speed bonus in snow getting calculated incorrectly

    Summary: Started a new game with a Sturgian character today, and noticed that whenever the party travels on snow, it gets an enormous speed bonus, instead of just getting a reduced penalty from it. Sturgian culture bonus: "20% less speed penalty from snow" (= increased speed on snow by 20% of...
  4. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Do you spot more tracks in the Snow? Possible scouting bug or trick? (Video)(1.5.7 stable)

    I noticed today that I was getting bursts of scouting skill wihile riding around in hostile Khuziat territory, much more then usual and I noticed I was just spotting lots of tracks. Is it because it is snowing and making them easier to spot? There's also many large Khuzait armies roaming nearby...
  5. Roger678

    Resolved [e1.5.0] No Snow on Map

    Summary: On the map, snow should be present on certain parts year-round and other parts in certain times of the year. In the screenshot, you can see it is Autumn and no snow is present anywhere on the map. When visiting a town, village, castle, or battlefield in area snow should be present you...
  6. Resolved Winter day 11 has no snow on map for a few hours

    On morning time (not sure which hour) of winter day 11 all of the snow on the main map dissapears for a couple of in game hours and then reappears. If playing on full speed it gives the illusion of a graphical bug. Picture of no snow in the middle of winter: https://ibb.co/p1JjxSS (couldn't...
  7. Lightna

    Resolved Kicking up snow / sand visual and performance(?) problems

    Hello. So when troops (both infantry and mounted units) move in snow or sand, there is a chance that they will kick up snow or sand. However this seems quite broken for me. Infantry walking can kick up a snow trail literally 30 meters in front of them. It also seems to cause performance...
  8. andycott

    Suggestions. Maths and Winter attrition for balance. Detailed explanation

    ❄ This thread has two main parts with very different suggestions 1 option should be considered as a list of simple potential solutions to balance things in a very short time. 2 is a little more complex and interesting, but similar. Simple idea. 1 part. Balance North and South The most simple...
  9. DFazouro

    Need More Info Snow Shader goes crazy on some assets

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