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smithing nerf

  1. (HOW DO I LABEL AS FIXED?) At just lvl 20 Smithing, I can already break the economy. And it's no fun.

    03/15/23 update for 1.1+: Prices are even more harsher and I think smithing is now much more balanced because items like the pugio which contained rare metals (but before v1.1 was very very cheap and ubiquitous), it is now very expensive and rare (1 pugio/tribesman throwing dagger is over $10k...
  2. Smithing selling nerf

    Just noticed after I traded in my smithed swords in game after the latest update What's up with the nerf? I remember seeing people saying they wanted smithed weapon prices to go down, but, it doesn't make any sense. Smithed weapon prices have been nerfed time and time again since the start of...
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