1. NamFlow

    In Progress [UI] Smithing — Some companions can't be selected when smelting items

    Summary: When you have a lot of companions in your party and you want to smelt some item that produces a lot of materials, then you can't select some companions, because they are hidden behind the element/background of the item that you want to smelt. I believe companions should be on top of the...
  2. NamFlow

    [✅ PARTIALLY IMPLEMENTED] The Smithy — 3 annoying problems with its UI (video included)

    Game version: v1.5.1.240715 1) If you have a lot of companions, not all of them show up in the selection of character who could be used to smelt, forge and craft items. That means you have to got your party screen and move companions on the bottom to the top for them to show up correctly. This...
  3. Sieg Choys

    Want to remove some 'crafted weapons' from data.

    This game remembers everything I crafted. Such as 'Crafted one handed sword' I made them as practices. Traders are sell these crafted weapons. Even they are not good qualities and I smelted them before so there are no originals. I want to know how to remove them from game data to clean lists of...
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