1. hsngrms

    SP Native Enable FaceGen (Body) Sliders

    A simple mod for enabling hidden character creation sliders including age, weight and build. This is my first C# dll mod and to be honest I'm not programmer, I'm just a curious guy who likes learning new things. Here my base code: using HarmonyLib; using TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade; namespace...
  2. Gaktan

    Extreme body sliders

    Since I believe every game that has some sort of character creation should be allowed to mess with the deformation sliders, I decided that's what I wanted to do with this game. So, I've been doing a lot of investigations regarding body sliders and how we could tweak them. From what I saw, it's...
  3. Pancakelord333

    Year length slider on game-start?

    So if I understand the game right, a typical in-game year (I don't think there are leap years) is 84 days long. 21 days per a season Roughly (as months aren't in technically the game) 7 days = 1 month (84/12=7) What if we got a slider to set year length on game start? (and this would not be...
  4. kreamy

    left to right slider bar for buying/selling + 1 click buy icon

    this is just a must, its backwards and confusing. English goes LEFT to RIGHT, and so should the bars. also, when selected the quantity via slider, a purchase option like a TICK or X to cancel (the amount selected, or auto cancel wen click a different item)
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