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skill point

  1. HarmandasLTP

    Başka Partideki Kardeşim Seviye Atladı

    Kardeşime ayrı parti kurmuştum. Kendisi gezinirken seviye atladı ve bir adet skill point kazandı ancak ben bu skill pointi onun perklerinden hiçbirine veremiyorum çünkü aynı partide bulunmam gerektiğini söylüyor. Partiye alabilmem için de sanırım onun partisini dağıtmam gerekiyor ki bu mânâsız...
  2. Resolved Character menu showing available skill points for companions and not hero when hero skill is ready for trait selection

    When I reached level 50 in athletics the character menu showed 0 on the gray shield by the character nameplate, but for all of the companions it showed 1, until I selected a trait under athletics on my hero.
  3. Resolved Description of perk is missing

    Summary: Name and description of 250p Charm perk looks like placeholder How to reproduce: Open Character menu, go to Charm and look at description of perk at 250 points threshold Media: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XWwyOsz4HiZUZKA5NUY7vmnzhuCDcFSe?usp=sharing Version: Main e1.2.1...
  4. Randomly got 48 charm skill points during tutorial

    I started a new character just now and while going through the tutorial I got 48 charm skill points all at once for seemingly no reason. I has just entered Tevea for the first time and at the end of the conversation with the headman I got the points. This happened the other day too, although it...
  5. Jesperlange1

    The skill point system needs an overhaul?

    I think the current skill point system needs an overhaul, because i currently think it's annoying to use. But why is it annoying? Because it has forgotten the core of why Mount & Blade is fun, FREEDOM. PROBLEM You're forced to do something you maybe don't want to, when you want to lvl up a...
  6. Do you get SP when using auto resolve?

    I didn't really find an answer to this, but do you get for example one heanded skill points when using auto resolve? or you can only get it by fighting the battle?
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