1. In Progress "Requested memory size is 9223372036854775808 bytes."

    Summary: I try to launch either Singleplayer or Multiplayer, I crash on load screen and get the error: "Application crashed because it could not get new memory from the operating system. Requested memory size is 9223372036854775808 bytes". I've verified game files, reinstalled, restarted...
  2. Lusitani 5th Empire

    Standardize Item Sizes & Characteristics | Make Them Recognizable

    Different items have the same image in the inventory and others are very similar, I would suggest making them different, more easy to recognize by just by the image. E.g.: Wine and oil; olives, dates and beer; cheese and butter... I suggest a more well thought and complete item size...
  3. Makarov45

    BL Coding Help with StatExplainer path

    i used to find StatExplainer in TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.SandBox.GameComponents.Party in that code public static void Postfix(MobileParty party, StatExplainer explanation, ref int __result) in last update StatExplainer isnt in TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.SandBox.GameComponents.Party and i cant...
  4. stefan_andrei_28

    Shield Size display on UI

    Greeting! I want to ask developers to add to the UI a feature showing the size of shields, how large they are vertically and horizontally, just like it was in warband. Thank you, have a nice day. :smile:
  5. joverman

    UNITS are SMALLER than in WARBAND ! why ?

    Is that because of camera FOV or something... but when i saw (physical) size of units and HORSES, i was shocked. Can somebody fix it or make a mod? Warband is 100% more realistic in this. Thank you
  6. Trixet

    Recruiting party member lower Max Army Size

    Hey! Love the game, however found a slight Issue. It seems that whenever I recruit a new Party/Clan member, my total amount of Max Army Size goes down. For Example I had a maximum of 119, then hired a new Party Member and immediately went down to 95. I made him into a Governor instead, which...
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