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  1. [Bug] Can only two factions have recruitable troops

    In the campaign I sided with the Empire and of course have been in the area recruiting troops, 8 hours into the campaign i decide i wanna recruit some new faction types so venture south to pick up some battanians aaannnddd I can't. For some reason every single village/city other then Sarranid...
  2. J4ck_C

    In Progress Bug - Quest:"Family Feud" - Can't complete quest

    The landlord Susterios of Alatys gave me the quest "Family Feud", where i'm supposed to take his kin Joculos with me to solve an issue in the vilage of Hetania, I made Joculos walk with me inside the vilage until we reach Valaos of Hetania, Valaos wants to kill Joculos, I tell him that I am...
  3. xDizzyBx

    Need More Info Fight between rival gangs CTD before or during the fight.

    I have been trying to win this fight. I lose everytime as there are lots of more fighters in the rival gang so I load my save and try again. Sometimes during the dialogue when the fight is about to start the game CTD, other times during the fight. After that I get a notification to send a...
  4. Traxtopelle

    [BUG] - City of Pen Cannoc in Battania

    Can't talk to a any pnj or even walk around the street in this city bug i can shop or practice fight... I hope it's working for you guys !
  5. Need More Info Fighting deserters crash

    Was in a village in Vlandia and was asked to help fight off some deserters who were robbing the villagers, i've done a quest like this before with less men and it was fine. This time however when i wait in the village the deserters would approach then before they attack they would go away from...
  6. Crash everytime in open world

    once in a while when I go out into the open world I get crashed and when I reload the game it keeps giving me the same error over and over again, it has happened to me 4 times in 5 hours and it completely screw me up the game since once It happens to me every time I charge it happens again. I...
  7. Traxtopelle

    How can we enter as a soldier in a lord army

    I remember doing this in Warband natif and a mod for GOT called ACOK. You talk to a lord saying that you wishe to join is army and in doing so you have to get XP to have a better grade until you are a big Knight. So my question, is that possible in Mount & Blade : Bannerlord II ?
  8. Need More Info Constant stuttering

    Hey, although I dont have a monster of a pc but still a decent one (fits the recommended specs on steam for the game) I still get a lot of stuttering. Especially battles are unplayable since I really cant move around. As soon as the battle is over and my men are cheering, I get my constant...
  9. Bitterbeard

    Loot after a battle and morale

    In previous games you could take all the loot, wouldn't change morale, in the vikings game the loot you leave your men would divide up and it would increase morale. How does it work in M&B2? Leaving 'loot' in the left menu and clicking Done leaves loot for your men to grab or it isn't working...
  10. [Early Access launch build] Typo - 'evry' in character menu Focus Points tooltip

    Not sure if known already. Steps to repro: -Launch bannerlord naturally in Singleplayer -Load an existing character or start a new one and then open up the character skills menu -Mouseover the Focus Poitns icon on the top right corner of the skills tab
  11. buz

    SP Native Calradgyr (v2.2 - Jun 30, 2020)

    Calradgyr, the ruler of all Calradia... This title was used for the emperor of Calradia during the period of peace and prosperity, the first and last time. The seven gemstones on his crown were made by the most skilled craftsmen of the seven tribes of Calradia and presented to him. Each of the...
  12. NPC deaths

    This question has been on my mind for a while I'm hoping someone can shed some insight. Since NPCS can die on the battlefield and also of old age that would mean the ruler of any given faction will eventually die. How is his succession chosen can another clan takeover? Can you or other clan...
  13. Suggestions for bannerlord

    Hello all here is suggestions i personally would like to happen in bannerlord,if you agree with those suggestions comment something postive about this thread or if you dont like it we can have a friendly chat in the comments and see what is the best solution!? Things that i feel it would make...
  14. Eleonora2186

    Singleplayer end of battle

    In warband we could exit battle only when every enemy was dead or ran away (otherwise we would retreat). If we could end battle when everyone is dead or runs away I think that it would feel much smoother.
  15. buz

    SP Native Evlat 1.21

    Download Evlat 1.21 Subscribe in Steam Workshop Official Trailer Showcase by Timby Series by ReformistTM Description Evlat is a quest expansion mod with a main story. Your two children are your companions throughout the game. All of the other companions in Calradia are in various roles and...
  16. buz

    [SP] Evlat - ana konu (v1.21 çıktı 15.07.2017)

    — Tanım — Bu mod ile görev sayısının arttırılması amaçlandı. Ana hikâyeye bağlı bir görev dizisi var. Oyun 1277 yılında başlıyor. Oyun boyunca size iki evladınız yoldaşlık ediyor. Eski 16 yoldaş ise farklı rollerdeler ve size görev veriyorlar. 12 yeni savaş grubu var ve onlara...
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