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  1. SP - General Reduce the XP required scaling so that skills max out at the hardest part of the game.

    The game has a lot of powerful, game changing perks that scale off level. One of them, for example, is the final Medicine perk. When you're getting stacked with war declarations, you might have around 200 Medicine. When you have the biggest kingdom around and no real enemies, you'll finally have...

    SP - General Quest Suggestion - Late Game

    Quest Suggestion - Late Game The late game feels quite empty and one of the way it can be filled in my opinion is with quests that may appear during the later part of the game which can be restricted by say clan level 4, 5 or 6 etc or when you have the Dragon Banner. __Lists of quest__ 1...
  3. Alehei

    SP - General Fix to merchant skill

    Feels like Trade skill at 125 is a bit mismatched. Suggest to change gaining a Renown to gaining an Influence. Renown is a parameter you gain all the time, and not very important as Influence. And it feels like an Influence was intended to be here.
  4. KaoZ

    SP - General Add access to cheatmenu for console

    I feel like as a console player being able to have access to the cheatmenu will add another level of enjoyment/addiction to this game. This game has me hooked without the cheat menu I can only imagine how much more addicting it will be with it. I dont expect to mod like how PC has it but just...
  5. TheDecisiveDuck

    M&B Warband console: Viking Conquest port?

    Would absolutely love to see Viking Conquest ported to the xbox. Any general thoughts on this/likelihood of this happening? I know TW are focusing on Bannerlord but would still be ace for those die hard fans! Still very much prefer old school gameplay.
  6. In Progress a bug that seems to happen to alot of people but couldnt find a resolution

    Summary:i would like to say i bought this game about a week ago and have enjoyed it alot games great and time consuming. my issue derives from the main quest. i am on the "eliminate southern empire" its the last empire standing. war progress shows negative 100 to 100. i "think" the problem is...
  7. Need More Info Xbox series s Crash when joining any faction

    Summary:crash when joining any faction I've tried different factions and scenarios How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  8. egetun

    Need More Info crashes at the moment of encountering the enemy troops

    Summary: after the last update (e1.9.0 hotfix patch), crashes at the moment of encountering the enemy troops on current saved games. How to Reproduce: -- Have you used cheats and if so which: just cheat mod enabled Scene Name main map Media Computer Specs: Monster Abra A5 V15.2...
  9. estrombico

    Need More Info Character textures don't show up on character creation

    Summary: Just as the title says and this two threads stated, is the same thing: one two Happens while loading a campaign as well. whenever characters textures show up games freezes. On Multiplayer makes almost everyone invisible, note is not everyone. Tried workarounds like deleting shaders...
  10. RozBritanicus


    There are a lot more Personality traits in the game code, but the following are the only ones which currently can be found on characters: Cerebral (Calculating 2) Calculating (Calculating 1) Impulsive (Calculating -1) Munificent (Generosity 2) Generous (Generosity 1) Closefisted (Generosity...
  11. RozBritanicus

    I deid and now i am playing my son

    The character i got now is really skinny but i want to bulk him up how do i add muscles and weight ? is muscles to do with vigor stat? How dose this all work
  12. RozBritanicus


    I personally real love the cutscenes but i would like more they are optional as you can click the cancel button. What other scenes IF YOU LIKED THEM that is would you like to see. I personal would like the death of natural causes to apply to all family member and companions . plus a death in...
  13. RozBritanicus

    Single player need more thing to do.

    I think there needs to be more options like spying / hire Assassins / spreading positive or negative rumours/ criminal activities / religion/ faction votes for executions of enemies . when at war its fun ( this can get annoying through ) but when your not you can trade but eventually you don't...
  14. RozBritanicus

    Bannerlord campaign day 3328

    I am as stated day 3328 every faction leader as died apart from King Caladog who is 80. I join the Battanians stuck with them from the start and after i formed the dragon Banner i cemented that tie buy telling Caladog and staying withe faction. The world economy is mostly stable and the only...
  15. Need More Info modded crashing trying to identify issue with better exception window

    Summary: How to Reproduce: on main map try to go in to a combat sometimes crashes Have you used cheats and if so which: no Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS:windows 10 GPU: 3080 GPU Driver Version: CPU: 5800x RAM: 32Gb Motherboard: Storage Device...
  16. Need More Info Joined Vlandia, left Vlandia, can't create own Kingdom

    Summary: I joined the Vlandia showed the Dragon Banner etc. , because I wanted to grow and be stable for a while. I decided to leave Vlandia and create my own Kingdom. The problem is I cant talk to Azargos I can't see him in Manurath and when I go to his house the Door is sealed. Pls Help...
  17. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Rhagaea is hard mode, Derthert is easy mode.

    I started a second 1.7 game and joined Ragy for a change. It was early game and she was already paying tribute to 4 factions! She does all the bad leader stuff, makes peace while I'm sieging, makes double war and gets gang banged, gives me a castle in the middle of enemy land. By contrast...
  18. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    INT character woes, 1 week re-roll blues, character build discussions, Engineering, Medicine.

    Made new character of course for 1.7, made a cunning/INT build as I always feel I would like to use the MC for the INT roles, however after a week of it I feel I would in fact rather have had other stuff instead. This happens every time, when I make a Soc build I think I would rather have INT...
  19. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    I finished a long campaign at day 1811 in 1.6.4/5 beta, just some thoughts about it.

    First, making wanderers into new Clans is a great ability and IMO has improved the player faction gameplay a lot. It's almost like a anti-bull:poop: button because no matter what other weird and unpleasant stuff the games diplomacy/relation/election/economy does, you can at least get a new clan...
  20. StaceMcGate

    What 1.66 Needs

    Took some feedback from previous thread and played the beta to get a better sense of what is being worked on. Here's my copium and venting method in ways I think the game could be drastically improved without major overhauls. Don't expect folks to read the whole thing, just pick a topic and...
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