1. Moth_Queen

    Single player bots blocking (Multiplayer related!)

    Single player bots need to block better and feint more to prepare new/casual players for the unsufferable festival of Lvl 800 Master of Death Champions wich is multiplayer currently. I want a merciless "Division A" difficulty setting to get some passive training in my single player. Thank you.
  2. GusThePug


    As multiplayer dies, one dusty 'ol crawboy embarks on his epic journey through Calradia.
  3. Bunduk

    In Encycopledia i can see a clan called "Nord"! What kind of clan is it?

    I cant see anyhing about the Nord clan in Encyclopedia! I hope it will become a true Viking clan with Viking gear! Maybe it should become an new kingdom called Nords!
  4. The Initial Renown from character creation is 0 after the latetest patch 1.4.3

    One of the options in the young adulthood stage - " you defeated an enemy in teh battle" was giving 20 renown earlier and is not working afte rthe 1.4.3 patch. Also there were other contributions to renown at the start of the game. Now the game starts at o renowns
  5. EmreBugday

    SP MP Native Online Chat for Singeplayer

    I have been working on my own network architecture to use on my various projects. This mod has been a creation based on that network architecture. In fact, it runs on it. With this mod enabled your are connected into a global network architecture. Within this architecture you can speak with...
  6. Yuninator

    Karakterim nasıl sizce?

    Karakterim size kimi hatırlattı :) tabi biraz daha zayıf ama onu ayarlayamadım
  7. FlyingSiren

    Unresolved Companion not at the location the encyclopedia described

    According to the encyclopedia, my companion Jinda the Wanderer, was last seen in Quyaz. When I went to recruit them, a different companion took their place entirely. I waited a few in-game weeks, but nothing changed. The encyclopedia still said Jinda the Wanderer was in Quyaz. I went around to...
  8. Family Feud & Charm

    Hello! The quest Family Feud do not give xp to Charm when you succeed to talk your way out of the situation. Not sure if it's a bug or not but feels weird that you don't get xp in Charm for that quest if you can do it without spilling blood. EDIT: Same apparently go for Kidnapped Daughter and...
  9. MisterDanny8

    Higher Tier Parties

    There should be more enemy parties with high tier troops. Once i get my army to top tier i can just beat any army i want because they are all made up of half recruits. Maybe it's just me, but i see that most parties are made up of low tier troops. I get that leveling up troops is much harder in...
  10. Hrulj

    Just had a most amazing 10 minute battle I ever had and suggestion to Dev's on how to make more of them

    I am genuinely sad I haven't recorded it, it was simply put amazing. A 500 vs 500 battle, both sides were hesitant and rather than charge all out kept to their side of the battlefields. Skirmishes broke out in numerous places, 20-30 units fighting each other while the rest of the army stood...
  11. Anoraks

    Ana görevdeki 2 küçük kardeş

    Abi bu kardeşleri bulan oldu mu hadi iki küçüğü geçtim diğer beraber başladığımız da ortada yok. Sadece krallık kurmak ile ilgili mi ana senaryo?
  12. Civilian and military equipment don't overlap

    currently you cant use the same item both in your civilian and your military tab, though i don't really see the reason for that, it makes sense to walk around with the same sword all the time or ride the same horse. is this a permanent thing or just wasn't implemented yet?
  13. A bit of money for our poor lords.

    At the moment Bannerlord has realistic economy and that's good. Lords get money, lords spend it on troops, etc. However, money the lord gets from fiefs is barely enough to sustain his castles. After a few big battles the losing side is almost pennyless and can't assemble an army, and that leads...
  14. Crash at Siege - massive frame rate drop at others

    Hello, I’ve sent a few crash reports now but wanted to make sure others saw it as well. firstly, I’m LOVING the game thank you all so much for this wonderful game. The vast majority of the game runs so well. unfortunately sieges, even with the sound channels turned down ,have a crazy frame...
  15. Need More Info Game Lag and performance issues

    I have an HP OMEN 15 Core i7 GTX 1650 Laptop and it doesn't matter to what I adjust my visual settings to all the single player modes lag to the point where the game is unplayable even roaming the map causes lag and I have tried and tested basically everything but the results remain the same. I...
  16. Need More Info Unsure if this is a bug - Player's name is never in ballot for choosing owner of a fief

    I've won at least ten successful sieges in Bannerlord so far but whenever my faction (Battania) is choosing an owner for the fief, my name is never in the ballot. Maybe my influence is not high enough? My renown is 350+, and I have no negative relationship with my king. Is this an intended...
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