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  1. Tweaking siege engines and settlement defences values

    Does anyone know where to tweak gate health, wall health, siege engine health, siege engine damage, etc in both the campaign map and siege battle scenarios? I could not find the xml file except for siegeengines.xml. The only tweak-able values there are the ones that affect only some aspects of...
  2. LuProHD

    Why were the siege battles fixed by a modder and not by TaleWorlds?

    I just can't believe how a single modder has solved the Siege problem so perfectly and TaleWorlds with 100 employees still hasn't managed it after 1 and a half years. What could be the reason?
  3. Consul_Kaiser

    Siege Tower Height and Ramp

    So there is a mod out there that actually puts a temp fix on the siege battles; here it is for everyone: So back to the main topic at hand. Why is the siege tower not taller than the wall itself? I ask because everytime...
  4. siege towers... please

    for the love of god... how is this still not fixed I'm playing on 1.5.9 btw
  5. Maybe a simple fix for Ladder and Siege tower.

    First lets talk about the current issues of Ladder and Siege tower. Initially, we believe that unit collision causes this problem, however after a released patch to address this the issue still persist. Realistic Battle Mod has managed to improve the ladder mechanics by giving more space between...
  6. evatanen

    Do not change troop categories during siege battles

    That troop category system. :xf-mad::xf-eek::devilish::poop: I want to keep the normal group assignments in sieges too. Cavalry should stay on group 3, mounted archers on group 4 and my companions on what ever group I put them on. If I could keep my heroes and other "soft" units on their own...
  7. WB Scening How to change siege type?

    I want to change a castle's siege type to use ladders rather than siege towers, how can I do this?
  8. Bannerman Man

    Resolved Troops pushing right-hand siege tower on level 3 Argoron scene get stuck behind stone wall on passing.

    Summary: The troops pushing from the right side of the right-hand siege tower on the level 3 Argoron map get stuck on a stone wall. The tower barely clips the wall and all three troops are trapped behind the wall but continue to use the pushing animation. No other troops can fill the slots while...
  9. Should All Lvl 2+ Seige Towers Be Changed To Ramps Instead Of Ladders?

    Seen as the ladders are useless is there a mod that changes seige towers with ladders to ramps if not someone needs to try make one?
  10. Siege Towers are Useless

    What is the purpose of using a siege tower? Creating mass on a high platform to attack the walls with larger force or adding just a few more ladders? Developers must have been thinking it's the second. That's why the first goddamn soldier who climbs up to top lowers the bridge while others are...
  11. BlackTorm

    Resolved When I siege a town and build the siege towers whit 3 stairs my troops only uses the middle one

    Here's how I get this issue: - Siege Zeonica - Build two siege towers - Start fight Result: - My troops only use the middle stair of the siege towers Expecter Result: - My troops use all the stairs of the siege towers Versions: Native: e1.1.0.226306 All the others: e1.1.2.226306 Computer...
  12. Bug (New): Siege Tower: Units Idle

    Summary: All melee units involved with siege towers stand idle and give each other hugs, giving all bowmen free opportunity to pick people off. How to Reproduce: Any siege using Siege Towers. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  13. andycott

    In Progress Bug. Troops tend not to use any type of siege towers or use only the middle ladder for tier 3 wall

    Updated after latest patches. Summary: Tested many times. This happens not 100% of the time. But more often than not with any wall tier. None of the troops use siege towers when you order them to charge or automatically. When they follow me near towers, which already reached the walls, and I...
  14. Funky Donkey Memes 2009

    Siege Tower Unable to Deploy - Siege of Odokh

    As I was sieging the city of Odokh, my left-most siege tower was unable to deploy properly due to an unevenness in the terrain. Here is a picture to demonstrate this:
  15. GG Cannon

    Need More Info Siege Tower AI

    The AI seems to struggle a LOT with the Siege Tower in regards to climbing it They use mostly only the middle stair out of the 3 of them and usually one troop will stop another troop from climbing up, making it take forever for even a minimal amount of troops to climb up. In order to fix this...
  16. Need More Info [Bug Report] SIEGE CASTLE is used with only 1 ladder!

    How to Reproduce: Build a siege tower in a siege, enter combat; AI will use only the middle ladder Quest/Settlement Name (if related): most of the cities Media (Screenshots & Video): Version:1.0.7 Computer Specs: OS:Windows 10 GPU: gtx 1060 CPU: i7 7700 RAM: 16gb Motherboard: Storage Device...
  17. Siege equipment

    As good, as it game is in early access, I think that the siege AI needs immidiate repair- they often don't use siege towers on the field of battle, insted they use ladders which are not as afficient. And if they do use siege towers, only one of 3 ladders on them which makes attacker unable to...
  18. Astran

    Need More Info Siege tower missing while besieging Ov castle.

    Looking at the right part of the image where the siege tower slot is, you can see that the game lets me select it, which indicates that I indeed crafted it at the siege camp, but when launching the assault the tower is nowhere to be found. Just putting it right here in case you guys didn't...
  19. Need More Info Siege Tower Bug e1.04

  20. Need More Info So, soldiers don't know how to use siege towers?

    How are we supposed to siege huge cities if my soldiers don't know how to use siege towers?
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