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siege defence

  1. Need More Info When defending castles game wont load siege battles

    Hi! Summary: the game does not load into the siege battle under an attack. I have tried changing graphics and unit numbers but it does'nt do anything. The game does'nt crash so i cant send any crash reports. It only shows me the loading page How to Reproduce: It happends every time one of my...
  2. yeahchris

    So, sieges are garbage.

    Performance on sieges are terrible. Slowdown, stuttering, etc on a very high end rig. Never have any issues on normal battles -- even big ones. They also crash. A lot. Units get stuck on terrain inside the castle, outside the castle. Basically everywhere. Siege weapons are useless. At least...
  3. Schlarkenstein

    Need More Info Never-ending loading screen (Before Siege defence)

    Current Workaround: Disband the army that is following you and it will load into the siege just fine. Summary: I broke through to help my castle which was under siege. Once the AI was ready to attack I joined the fight. That is when the loading starts and doesn't stop for at least 10 minutes...
  4. Defensive Sieges - Can't build defenses

    So I'm in a castle being sieged by the northern empire. I was in the castle when they started the siege and stayed there. However, I can't decide what siege engines we build like when I'm sieging a castle, so the ai just builds ballistas which aren't that helpful in battle against a battering...
  5. In Progress Crash after successful siege defence

    Hello, My game crashes after I successfully defend Lochana Castle against an outnumbering army. The crash happens when I click the "end battle" button. I tried it twice. version 1.0.4 Windows 10 GTX 960 i5 4590 8gb RAM SSD 250gb Keep up the great work, thank you for an amazing experience.
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