siege attack

  1. Marcus_SFAC

    How to command my soldiers when siege?

    Even after press F6 to turn off the delegate , my shield-infantry and archers are just mixed by computer and some idiots just can not stopping to use ladders and be killed very soon.
  2. Resolved Stuck in siegeing after ordering attack

    Summary: Stuck in siege mode (cant leave it either) after sending troops to storm a castle, while enemies sends reinforcements from outside. Reinforcing army joined the battle, but not really. It said they were in it, but became instant prisoners. This is not a crash. How to Reproduce: 1...
  3. Azhael

    Siege defenders need some love

    I'm starting this thread because I believe defenders in sieges should have more noticable advantages. Mainly, to make it so that fewer men are required to successfully defend a castle. As of now the amount of troops can have a ratio of 1:1 and attackers still win in many cases. I think a 3:1...
  4. Offensive Siege Strategy

    It's really exciting to see the potential of different strategies in sieges! Currently the two strategies of bombardment and starving the target out does work but they're much more costly than doing the traditional route of building the your ram/tower and just invading. Just tweaking a couple...
  5. Let us chose targets for our siege engines.

    It's really annoying when you build a trebuchet and they just attack a wall instead of destroying the 4 catapults that the enemy has built long before you got the chance to do anything. I mean, priorities mate, hit the things trying to kill you then take out the walls afterward...
  6. Domakk

    Resolved Besieging a castle as mercenary and leaving the kingdom locks you in siege preparation

    Summary: I was a mercenary for the southern Empire and decided to besiege a castle on my own in order to claim it, I wasn't aware at that point that I cannot get the castle as a mercenary. After the successful siege attack I reloaded the savegame before the attack, left my kingdom before I...
  7. Need More Info Castle Siege: 90% of enemies missing, whole friendly army is bugging

    I recorded this bug, but to sum it up, when assaulting an Asari castle next to a mountain with 1 village on it (forgot the name, will input it later) it turned out that out of 200 enemies soldiers only 5 were inside the castle, after killing them, opening the gates and sending the rest of my...
  8. Rhealder

    Resolved Army stuck in siege

    Hello and thank you for reading this, I've encountered an issue where my party is besieging a castle, an army of enemy lords and two others enemies parties came to fight, but i persuade two of them to join me. following this i wasn't in the siege interface anymore, it was just like i was...
  9. Amen

    Resolved Ai dont use siege towers (they almost full hp)

    Summary: My troop dont use siege towers but i win battle (archers do their work) How to Reproduce: Siege Pen Cannoc Settlement Name: Pen Cannoc Media: Version:1.0.10 Computer Specs: OS: Win 10 GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2G CPU: i5 3.3 GHz RAM: 20G Motherboard: P8Z77-V LX
  10. Need More Info Crash While in Siege

    I am able to start a siege and it goes good till the thing that bangs in the door gets almost to the top where the door is and then my game freezes and then crashed.
  11. What are the options before a siege ?

    Hi there, Well, I eventualy had my first siege yesterday. I tried to get a settlement (a castle) in order to found my own kingdom : miserable failure. Among other things, I don't understand the screen we have before battle, with grey squares (I can add a second square when I click on one, but...
  12. Gragnok

    Siege: Attackers have superior Archery Positions.

    I feel that on at least some maps the attacking teams archers are actually in a superior position. Mainly the map that has the steep hills by the sides that can be walked up and the ruined gate house in front of it that attackers can climb to the top off from their spawn. This strikes me as...
  13. In Progress In siege but can't attack nor exit

    I played some and sieged down a castle, then I saved the game and exit to continue the siege afterwards. When I entered the game back, there was no window for attack option or to leave the siege camp, when I click around it turns like normal circumstances, I am like in siege but not inside actually.
  14. Resolved Games Crashes during Siege-Battles

    Games Crashes during Siege-Battles. It doesn't matter whether it's attack or defense. It crashes when i am doin nothing during attack/defence and it crashed when i fight with my boys. I have this problem since 1.0.7 and the patch 1.0.8 didn't fix that for me.
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