1. Any plans to expand the siege battles?

    Are you planning to expand the siege battles into more immersive and epic experience? The keep battles has a system in which AI is holding specific choke points and positions, also they are falling back, when they see that they can't hold a specific part of the keep. Are we going to see similar...
  2. Siege scene

    after we win the siege all those who ran away fight in the keep and if the player lost a siege inside a castle and he retreats he can fight in the keep if he want or abandon the city with his men that are still alive or castle
  3. wetwillis

    Remove Multiplayer Mirror Matches

    Too often I find myself in a multiplayer match with Aserai v. Aserai, Batt v. Batt, or Empire v. Empire. There ought to be some switch you guys flip within your code that disables mirror matches. 1 in every 20 to 30 matches have I actually gotten to see Sturgia or Khuzait and only twice I've...
  4. İkna ardından crash

    Merhabalar arkadaşlar Bi kaleyi ele geçirdim içinde yaralarımı sararken bir baktım 500 kişiyle Ospir diye bir lord kuşatmaya gelmiş adama dedim gel benim tarafıma geç ikna da ettim ah evet tamamen haklısın dedikten sonra devam etmek için tıkladığımda crash yiyorum 3 4 kere oldu aynı şey heeeeelp
  5. DFazouro

    Resolved Stuck in castle wall, clip added

    This is the clip where you can see the exact spot where i got stuck.
  6. Louaran

    [YT] Gameplay Siège BETA Bannerlord

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