1. Resolved Shield Texture Bug

    Summary: Basically the shield textures are bug not fully showing the paint. Some shields are fine but many others are experiencing the issue. How to Reproduce: Just equip any shield in game. Have you used cheats and if so which: Just the cheat activated to show all shields. Scene Name (if...
  2. nereid

    In Progress [1.1.0] Gritty shield textures

    Since the silent hotfix on January 20th the shield textures seem to be a lot grittier. I do not know, whether this is intended or a bug (although if it is intended there are some hard edges on some textures, akin to a cut of texture). The screenshot is from a tourney, although all shields are...
  3. Halvdan

    Disarm shield

    A shield disarm ability would be an awesome thing to see added to the game. Instead of having to literally break somebody's shield to pieces you should be able to knock it out of their hand with a forceful enough blow or by throwing several javelins or throwing axes in it to where it is...
  4. Keimpe

    Resolved Heavy round shield almost impossible to block in the middle.

    Summary: It seems the heavy round shield always tries to pick a side to block, instead of just the middle (rest position) How to Reproduce: Swirl the shield around with right mouse, then let go of the mouse. Then simply press the right mouse without indicating a side. And it will take a side...
  5. In Progress Cataphracts do not use shields during attacking sieges

    Summary: Cataphracts do not use shields in formation during sieges while other members of their groups do. Instead they are walking with two-handed lance. It relates both to regular and elite cataphracts. How to Reproduce: start any siege battle and observe attacking groups with cataphracts in...
  6. Stun when shield struck

    Im not sure if this has been asked before but isnt there some kind of weird stun when shield get struck by 2h or polearm? I take a heavy hit on my shield and I click to attack back but nothing happens, is this intended? The stun occur if I right block a left attack?
  7. Madijeis

    Making Bannerlord more colourful: Clan colours and Coat of Arms

    This is how shieldwalls used to look like. Large armies could feature a large array of colours and insignia that would make you remember whose troops are the ones you're seeing, and, most importantly, add visual variety to the game. With colours being faction-specific this has largely been lost...
  8. CptMuppet

    In Progress "Kidnapped Daughter" quest bug - you can destroy opponent's shield before starting a duel.

    Summary: After finding notable's lost daughter for "Kidnapped Daughter" quest, and before talking to her, you can destroy the shield of hers man and make this way your fight with him easier. I have created a ticked with a save file. How to Reproduce: Load my save file and take a walk through the...
  9. Fixer

    Resolved fork through another persion holding a shield

    Summary: Fork goes through a person and pushes ladder down How to Reproduce: Go to the ladder on D as defender with your teammate. The mate should be a vlandian knight holding a shield in front of him. Grab a fork, instruct your friend to stand with the shield in front of the end of the ladder...
  10. snuggans

    Do steel shields last longer?

    just wondering if there's some sort of hidden Resistance stat? or is the difference aesthetical?
  11. Lornloth00

    Resolved Shield breaking causes shader error

    Summary: Breaking a shield in combat causes a shader bug with a message box. No crash. How to Reproduce: breaking a shield in combat Have you used cheats and if so which: no Scene Name (if related): any scene Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Win10 Home 64...
  12. Shields are OP (combat balance)

    I absolutely hate enemies using shields. As an archer/crossbowman, they'll pull a huge shield from their hip to their face faster than humanly possible, and catch your arrow. You can also aim over the shield at their exposed head but the magical shield still somehow stops it. Same thing when...
  13. Javelins should be more damaging to shields

    Currently, a shield can withstand hits by several javelins. I've been able to block about 10 in a practice fight. I think a shield with more than 2 or 3 javelins should be unusable. Since a mechanic to simulate this unsusability is probably more trouble than it's worth, I think a shield should...
  14. CrazyElf

    Vlandian Sharpshoorter has his pavise shield. Could he use it as a shield in front of himself?

    The Vlandian Sharpshooter has one of the top shields in the game currently, the Pavise Shield. Could he put the shield in front of him while he is reloading his crossbow? Like the brace, could this be added to the game? This would make him quite a bit less vulnerable when he is reloading...
  15. stefan_andrei_28

    Shield Size display on UI

    Greeting! I want to ask developers to add to the UI a feature showing the size of shields, how large they are vertically and horizontally, just like it was in warband. Thank you, have a nice day. :smile:
  16. Holy Shift

    Spear Thrust While Blocking with Shield on Foot

    I mean spears are currently a little bit weak and even i'm telling this when i'm not really fan of spears. You can consider to allow thrust attacks with spears while blocking a direction with shield. This will bring new balance problems of course. Spearmen will be more defensive aganist ranged...
  17. Holy Shift

    Restrict Heavy Shield Usage on Mount

    I almost always play with malee but wielding a Wicker Square shield on mount feels weird. You can consider to make a perk exclusive with horse archery in riding skill to allow wielding large shield on mount.
  18. Why is Reinforced Wicker Square Shield nerfed???

    When did they do this and why? Before, this was a tier 6 shield and super expensive. Now this is a tier4 shield and worth 2000 denar. But why?
  19. Keimpe

    Resolved Why do prisoners have my personal shield?

    They have the same shield. As though they were in my party.
  20. ileboii

    Resolved Banner on Norse Round Shield is upside down

    1.3.0 Norse Round Shield
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