1. Resolved [1.6.2] Arena Spectator Shadows

    Summary: Spectators' shadows show up, but not arena/stadium shadows. How to Reproduce: Fight in a city arena and go to the doorways on the sides. Also, on a side note. The spectators use a random RGB for their colors... Which produces red, green, blue spectators. Quite disconcerting.
  2. GG Cannon

    Resolved Clothing and Lighting issues

    I believe this was either in a Battanian or Sturgian city... or Epicrotea, as that is where I own a smithy, I don't quite remember properly as I was really tired when I took these printscreens and still played for a while after it, but I saw a few issues with shadows and clothing in a town...
  3. Need More Info Grey/black Boxes On Battlefield

    The bug seems to be related to shadows on certain maps. I have tweaked all graphical options but nothing has done anything to improve the situation. Makes the game unplayable in certain environments. Computer Specs: OS: Windows GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 CPU: Intel i7-7700 RAM: 16gigs...
  4. In Progress High shadows cause stutter, even with shadows disabled!

    For the most part this game runs fine for me, but there is stutter in specific places. In some places it is catastophic, others it's more like microstutter. I've included a video download link, that should make this pretty clear. It happens only with shadow quality on high or above, even with...
  5. Com783

    Need More Info Town Pravend (Graphical Black Shadow Squares)

    Summary: Going to Pravend the first time, spotted these unusual graphical black shadow squares in certain parts. How to Reproduce: Having your graphics on the highest and being in Pravend at Sunrise time (I suppose) Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Pravend Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  6. Need More Info Graphics bug Sargot brewery

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