1. Jankie

    [Bug?] Bring forward the proposal to give this settlement to someone else

    I am the vassal of Rhagaea and I can propose to give any of her vassals settlements to someone else. If I do this, a most vassals seem to be supportive towards me and I got it granted. On the same day, another lord takes it back by proposal. This happened five times in a row. How is it...
  2. Prosperity obliterating food reserves

    The more my settlement's prosperity rises, the higher the food consumption. Every day that my prosperity rises, the toll on my food gets even larger. I am not sure if this is a bug or some sort of feature, but every town or castle I have attacked has 0 food reserves and I imagine the other...
  3. no effects from govenor, lost character skills

    If you use a companion with a Govenor skill as a Govenor, all skills are deactivated and the companion has no influence on the settlement. Images:
  4. Need More Info The Training Field is considered a Khuzait Settlement

    As such, going to war with the Khuzait can't be won outright by domination because the training field can't be claimed. If you get fiefs from the Khuzait lands, the residents will refuse to speak to you. Maybe try and make it something else?
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