1. Can't give myself a fief in my own Kingdom

    After many won sieges I still can't give myself a fief. There are only option to give the settlement for other clans. I have over 1200 influence and rank 4 clan(I have one town and two castles). Tried winnning alone didn't helped. Some clans that are available already have fiefs. Restarted few...
  2. The_Hussar

    Relations with notables in my settlements does not increase because of security level

    I have seen several times so far a message stating that relationship was increase with the notables in some of my settlements but I have checked and I haven't noticed any increase. Those notables are supposed to be the people I recruit from, right?
  3. Relationships is going bad to worse with Lords in Our Kingdom! Big problem for storyline...

    Summary: When we take a settlement or castle, Kingdom goes for election for this place. There are 3 Lords(if u have) for election which gives these places to Lords and you can give only one vote. And as a King, your vote is most important and your choice takes this place. When u choose a lord...
  4. SP - Quests Revoke Update Feature: "Players can't play as Mercenaries if they own a settlement."

    Why wouldn't players be able to work as mercenaries, if they owned a settlement? Many of the most famous mercenaries owned several castles and plenty of lands... There are reasons you mightn't want to fight against the faction that controls the area around your lands, obviously... but that's up...
  5. SP - General Fleshing out villages (and cities) with semi-persistent villagers

    From my short playing the single player early access, I have encountered many villages with dozens of villagers, only to find them only greeting and saying some random non-sense and offering no more interaction. I therefore find it pointless even to visit villages (other than by menu items). To...
  6. roadlkill

    Resolved Converting an enemy army/clan you cannot attack the settlement.

    How to Reproduce: After you successful convert an enemy army/clan you cannot attack the settlement. Media Version: e1.0.6 OS: Windows 7 GPU RTX 2070: CPU: Intel 5930k RAM: 16gb ddr4 Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth x99 Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD samsung
  7. How do you keep a settlement?

    I’m brand new to this game, didn’t play the first one and other than the “Total War” series (which I really enjoy) I’ve never played a game like this. My question is this; I’m on the part where I’m trying to meet the requirements for creating my own kingdom. One of which is that I need to...
  8. Kochobo

    SP - General Culture/troops recruitment converting for settlements conquered by other faction

    This was in native or mod in Warband. When a settlement (town, village) was conquered by other faction, after a while, (also being able for the owner to invest money on culture conversion), recruited troops were converted into the new faction's troops ones. This, combined to being able to...
  9. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Custom Troops

    One of the most loved features in the mods of Warband was the posiblity of making your own Troop trees, giving them the armor and weapons you wanted to enhance your play style, i was really sad to found that this feature was not included in the base game since in medieval armies nobles always...
  10. Kochobo

    Custom own kingdom troops tree / culture

    This was in a mod for Warband: When you created your own kingdom, you could create your own troop tree: slots to fill creating the equipment for every troop tier, its abilities and depending on the equipment, its cost, in which units will be able to...
  11. Need More Info Can't sit in your throne in the throne room

    I'm posting this as a bug since i expect you to be able to sit in your own throne after you've taken a settlement.
  12. 1thecop

    Resolved Siege glitch which can cause freeze/crash and messed up save

    Hello, Context: In my save I was a vassal of King Derthert of Vlandia and he was leading an army against the Battanians. I had been a part of his army but I left the army to get reinforcements and provisions and while I was doing that they his army had began a siege against the Battanian city...
  13. Laryakan

    Resolved "Nourish Settlement" perk isn't working

    Summary: "Nourish Settlement" perk isn't working (possibly no perks are working, as Cash666 suggesting - see below) How to Reproduce: Unlock a perk, for example "Nourish Settlement", then go to a settlement and wait here, you will see no difference at increasing "Prosperity" from the...
  14. Cjraven

    Need More Info All town logos replaced with taverns

    The first time i saw the bug was when i went into Askar after accepting "The spy party" quest, i had been to Askar before this quest and it didn't happen, but after i accepted this quest and entered Askar, all logos were replaced with tavern logos. After i finished the quest and left Askar i...
  15. Jankie

    [Bug?] Bring forward the proposal to give this settlement to someone else

    I am the vassal of Rhagaea and I can propose to give any of her vassals settlements to someone else. If I do this, a most vassals seem to be supportive towards me and I got it granted. On the same day, another lord takes it back by proposal. This happened five times in a row. How is it...
  16. Prosperity obliterating food reserves

    The more my settlement's prosperity rises, the higher the food consumption. Every day that my prosperity rises, the toll on my food gets even larger. I am not sure if this is a bug or some sort of feature, but every town or castle I have attacked has 0 food reserves and I imagine the other...
  17. no effects from govenor, lost character skills

    If you use a companion with a Govenor skill as a Govenor, all skills are deactivated and the companion has no influence on the settlement. Images:
  18. Resolved The Training Field is considered a Khuzait Settlement

    As such, going to war with the Khuzait can't be won outright by domination because the training field can't be claimed. If you get fiefs from the Khuzait lands, the residents will refuse to speak to you. Maybe try and make it something else?
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