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  1. ChristopherR

    Multiplayer Sound Glitch (DISTURBING)

    So me and a few got queued up into a skirmish match which is rare in and of itself, but to our surprise we hear this. Siege. We are on East NA Skirmish and we hear catapults being launched, bombs going off, whenever we stab something it sounds like we are poking the target or shooting it with a...
  2. Gsälzbär

    Need More Info Getting kicked by Anti-Cheat Query Timeout

    Summary: Im getting kicked after 3-5mins after joining any MP Gamemode by Anti-Cheat with the reason query timeout this happens since the last hotfix yesterday. I already reinstalled Battleeye and checked my Steamfiles. And im not using any third party software. How to Reproduce: Joining a MP...
  3. CrnacSerbia

    Server isn't responding Hatası

    Merhaba arkadaşlar, modlu Bannerlord online serverlerine kendi internetimle giremiyorum. Evin internetiyle bağladığımda server isnt responding hatası veriyor. Telefonun internetiyle bağlandığımda bir sıkıntı yaşanmıyor fakat telefon interneti bitmek üzere ve bu hata can sıkıcı bir hal aldı...
  4. Wayne2077

    Resolved Server Crashing when people leave the match (tested on Captain mode)

    Hello, I'm not sure about the beginning of round, (I don't want to test this thing anymore), but on the last round (2-1 or 2-3) if you press ALT+F4 instead of quitting normally to the main menu the server will crash and drop all the people out of the match. It is unclear whether the developer...
  5. ParzivaI

    3 server crashes in a row (captain)

    Me and my 4 friends have been on a party since 11:00 we have been trying to play captain... we got into 3 games they all crashed on the final round when the game was about to end... why is this happening?
  6. Willem

    Open a

  7. ChristopherR

    Resolved Region Filter Broken

    Myself and a few friends are trying to connect to NA servers and have selected the North American Region and are connected to European servers instead. We tried this multiple times, and had different people host the party, and each time when we select "North America" we are instead connected to...
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