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server crashing

  1. Askey

    Is There a Way To Report When A Server Is Down

    Is there an official way to report a downed server? Personally only prefer playing on the Siege (EU) server and it has a habit of randomly crashing and disappearing from the server list. This can last over an hour before it reappears again. Not a large fan of the TDM mosh-pit mode, Captain or...
  2. ParzivaI

    In Progress You have been kicked by Anti-cheat Reason : Query Timeout

    Every single game I play I get kicked by the Anti-cheat, this happens to everyone playing the game, please fix this
  3. Wayne2077

    Resolved Server Crashing when people leave the match (tested on Captain mode)

    Hello, I'm not sure about the beginning of round, (I don't want to test this thing anymore), but on the last round (2-1 or 2-3) if you press ALT+F4 instead of quitting normally to the main menu the server will crash and drop all the people out of the match. It is unclear whether the developer...
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