1. Dmitrov

    In Progress Battle UI/ battle HUD crash

    Summary: the hud being off in seiges, and alley gang fights and ambushes crash th game when started with hud off How to Reproduce: start a sige with hud off Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  2. Dmitrov

    In Progress Battle UI offf crashes when entering battle

    Summary: if you start a seige, or alley fight wth battle UI off it crashes the game How to Reproduce: have Battle UI off and start a seige Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  3. SP - General Comanding armies

    We need to give orders to our army leaders How i am supposed to be a king and can’t control my armies Sometimes I have five or four armies Nd they all attacking one settlement
  4. Need More Info The defenders did not properly guard the city walls

    The defenders did not properly guard the city walls in time, in all cities/castles. This damn bug makes Cities/castles easy to capture. you sucks ruins the excellent part of the game---seige.
  5. Need More Info Seiges are not working properly

    Summary: Defence seige: at the start of the seige i divide my troops and place them carefully at the positions i want them to be on. but as soon as i click on ready they will start going somewhere else on their own and i get the notifications stating infantry and archers are moving to key...
  6. Need More Info Cloning of character

    Summary: You can clone your own character in the defence of Siege when your character doesn't assign to a unit How to Reproduce: assign yourself as the captain to a unit with no troop. your photo will go from the top, then click "auto-deploy" and this will clone your character. it looks like it...
  7. SP - Scenes Possible way to getting more scenes.

    We all know how strong the Mount&Blade community is. Why not let the community modders make some scenes for the vanilla games (sieges and battle maps). This would relieve a huge amount of work from the developer and I am sure that the community would be glad to make scenes that could make it...
  8. Lornloth00

    In Progress Smaller steps please; NPCs' bumping into ladders and stairs.

    I was playing custom battle on 1.5.6. it was on Simira Castle, I was playing defense and I noticed that the units could not go up the steps. When I tried I could not do it either. I have noticed things like this in any bandit camp that has stairs whether they are wood or stone in previous...
  9. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Resolved You can ride a horse over the wall in Akkalat Siege Map

    By aiming the horse at the right spot on the area illustrated below you can get over the wall in a siege. Ending up in a little court yard but you can get up on the wall and walk to the main areas. You can then have lost of fun building athletics and Bow on the garrison :) You could also open...
  10. In Progress Ram still works after seemingly being destroyed

    Summary: Playing siege mode this evening with about 100 people (50v50) and was able (along with two other players) to use a ram that appeared to be destroyed. Animation for swinging the ram was engaged and the gate was eventually destroyed, but the ram's health bar showed 0 and the characters...
  11. Resolved No Defenders in Sieges

    The most recent update made it so that anytime I attack a town or castle the defenders are empty when I go into battle. Each battle is won effortlessly and the same goes for NPC lord settlements are being traded back and forth like crazy. What happened?
  12. Higgs007

    SP - Battles & Sieges Option Loot Towns and Castles.

    I think it would be a cool game mechanic if once an army conquers a town or castle they have the option to plunder it the same way we can raid small settlements. I don't like that I am forced to occupy or own a town or castle once I take it as sometimes it may be strategically undefendable being...

    Please launch fixes to the seige engine as my troops wont even go up the ladders on seige towers and wall ladders also when they bust through the outer gate hardly any troops attack the inner door also people are getting stuck in all sorts of places
  14. Resolved Army malfunction during siege defense.

    Hi, I am playing the Beta 1.4.1. I was defending Lycaron against a siege. I had my army inside the settlement. My army comprised three parties. When the enemy attacked, only my own party was added to the defense. The other two were absent, and re-appeared after the battle had concluded (and...
  15. Resolved Can't exit siege or attack city

    While besieging Razih with an army, I was attacked by an Aserai army. I made peace with the leader of the army. When I returned to the campaign map, I was unable to commence the attack and city, and I was unable to leave the siege. My game was stuck and I had to revert to a previous save point.
  16. Resolved Completely Stuck within Seige Battle

    In a single player campaign, I set up my troops during the planning stage, then during the cinematic swoosh down into my character i was unable to use my keyboard at all during the battle. No pause, no way to get off horse, no tab or anything. Mouse (bow and sword) still worked though, and...
  17. Need More Info Siege towers broke AI

    Summary: during siege Tower platforms landed above the level of the castle walls and then all soldiers stopped attacking How to Reproduce: unknown Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Charas Media (Screenshots & Video): none Version: Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: nvidia gtx 1080 CPU: amd...
  18. Saving lives

    Any tips on saving lives on the way to the front door of a castle/town that? Defending archers kill tf out of my army. Also, how can I direct archers to go to a safe spot and shoot down enemy archers?
  19. AI being stupid in sieges

    I encountered an issue whilst besieging Revyl where an army of 492! was defeated by only 108 defenders and only managed to kill 68 of the defenders? The attacking army was mostly just running past the enemy and getting slaughtered, completely ignoring nearby enemies. This was an AI controlled...
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