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  1. Yagababa

    WFaS Coding add_missile alternative

    I'm trying to add a blunderbuss to my WFAS mod using a shotgun script I found on the forge, but it looks like there's no add_missile in header_operations for the Fire and Sword module system... Is that something I could add or is it hardcoded into the engine? If so, is there any workaround to...
  2. Link69100

    BL 3D Art Doors system

    Hey Calradia, We actually work on new doors models with the S&M team and we would like to know if there is a way to make doors openablle or closable using eventually the doors skeleton of the native ones or with a new one ? We tried to replicate the castle gate system but without succeed ...
  3. DetektivAro

    WB Coding Coding advice? Anyone?

    So I was thinking of making a magic weapon that will act like a ranged weapon. It would shoot like a bow or crossbow, but instead of a arrow coming out, a meteor would fall out of the sky on the targeted place with it not falling right on the crosshair but in its general vicinity ( like some...
  4. Fanto

    Resolved Llanoc Hen Castle big problems

    Hello, The map use for Llanoc Hen castle and other battanian castle have a lot issues during siege battle. The scripts for assault the wall doesn't work and the warriors don't move when ladder and tower touch the wall. The only way to take the castle is charging after battering ram have...
  5. Choosing the best spouse

    I was tired of going through the whole encyclopedia to find the best spouse in the game. Luckily there are some nice xml files in the game directory. And one of these seems to define the nobles in the game. So I parsed the file into a table which made comparing possible spouses much easier...
  6. Ctrl+Space Remap AutoHotKey

    My ctrl key is totally busted. Until I get it fixed, I need a script to that works in Warband. If anyone can help me change it to Shift+Space or something, I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
  7. man_versus_chat

    I made a script to play Bannerlord through twitch chat!

    It was a pretty fun project done with python, AHK, and a few modules. I think melee might be extremely difficult, but ranged may be okay! This is a video going through the tutorial and showing it off! : I think it would need more viewers to spam before it could really do much. But it was a fun...
  8. jcsm130988

    WB Coding Three questions about the script

    Hello, I'm trying to make a (single player) mod and have three questions regarding the garrison, spawn frequency and the wives and family relations. First, garrison: where is the max garrison determined? Say I want a town to have a max 200 troops garrison and a castle to have a max 10 troop...
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