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  1. Oedip

    Screenshot key ?

    Hello World ! I just wanted to report an AI behaviour bug during a siege but I didn't find the way to take a screenshot in order to illustrate the problem. So I'll start by propose to add a Screenshot key and obviously the needed folders. Thankd to the team keep working on this damn good game...
  2. Please make an assignable Screenshot button

    Reporting problems would be much easier. Screenshot button would make the game much more enjoyable if we could capture the best moments easily. I know we kind of can make screenshots via Steam, but this function is realized so badly, I don't even want to talk about it. We can use other screen...
  3. Emrehan

    Bannerlord Ekran Görüntüleri

    Konu basit, tıpkı Warband bölümünde olduğu gibi ekran görüntülerimizi, istersek hikayelerimizi de ilave ederek paylaştığımız bir konu burası. Bu güzel fotoğrafla ilk paylaşımı yapmış olayım. Güzel eşim Ira ile birlikte, yeni kurduğumuz Kalradya Beyliği'nin geleceği üzerine fikir yürütürken...
  4. My list of bugs & suggestions [screenshots]

    Hello people, I have joined the forums with the hope that my report gets noticed by the game developers, I'd also like to share some input for game content and get feedback from y'all. I'll start off with bugs that I have observed in my game 1. Comparison between items no longer works...
  5. World's Coolest Old Guy

    Please help!

    What to do when your kid brother looks more badass than you do?
  6. SlyFox

    Unresolved Roguery How to learn text is lacking

    You gain roguery by ransoming prisoners too, do you not? It's not listed under How to learn.
  7. SlyFox

    Unresolved Hideout prompt window text needs to be updated after the latest patch

    The 2nd paragraph in this prompt window is no longer correct. You don't get captured nor lose your army if you fail the raid since the e1.0.2 patch.
  8. Jarl Malcolm

    Post your Favourite M&B Screenshot

    Oi folks, While waiting for Bannerlord, I thought we could share our favourite screenshot (one or two each, let's say) from any Mount & Blade games, with a little context! Share yours! Cheers
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