1. Player Loot Rebalance

    your armor and weapons feel like a dead end, everything in the game can be lost and replaced but once you equip something its forever. why not match player loot prices with the prices for soldiers (since it only makes sense your paying for their armor and weapons), and just make it possible to...
  2. IndexTM

    Schwierigkeitsgrad, Auto Allocate Member Perks, Skills, Clan Kosten, Cohesion, Stop Conspiracy und Istiana's Plan

    Ich habe 6 Themen, die mich stören und wo ich wissen wollte, ob es da Abhilfe gibt oder wer Tipps hat? 1) Dass man im Spiel nicht mehr die Schwierigkeit verändern kann. Mir ist das alles zu einfach in den Schlachten 2) Ich nicht mehr weiß, ob ich die "Automatische Attributsverteilung für...
  3. Character creation: "Rode with the scouts" doesn't give ability in scouting but in bows

    Hi Bannerlordteam, I don't understand why in the character-creation-process if you pick "Rode with the scouts" you don't get "Riding" and Scouting" as focus points? It is only a small issue, but it seems illogic. Kind regards and keep up the great work