1. Ambush Mechanic - Single Player

    What about the option to learn how to ambush nearby/passing enemies? The storyline mentions Battanians ambushing, and it seems like it would suit at least a couple of the more missile-focused factions. It could be limited by scouting/tactics level and a percentage chance to avoid every...
  2. LyonExodus

    Fog of war mechanic: Great concept but needs more tools

    After playing 1.8. for a few days one thing that drastically changed is this new Fog of War mechanic that doesn't allow the player to view all kinds of information for any given settlement. I think this mechanic has a lot of potential but just lacks the supporting tools to feel more than just an...
  3. level 275 Scout + Khuzait speed bonus is insane!

    seriously, the perk Uncanny Insight can give you a minimum of 7.5% speed increase! and if you decide too have a party only consisting of cavalry you are already have a 10% faster with khuzaits. combining them together with other perks and you are going about 20% faster! plus I can see the up to...
  4. SomeWeirdSins

    Resolved 1.58 Bandits not leaving tracks, causing scouting to not level as intended

    in 1.58 bandits are not leaving tracks. This bug makes levelling scouting unintentionally slow. No mods running when I encountered this bug.
  5. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Do you spot more tracks in the Snow? Possible scouting bug or trick? (Video)(1.5.7 stable)

    I noticed today that I was getting bursts of scouting skill wihile riding around in hostile Khuziat territory, much more then usual and I noticed I was just spotting lots of tracks. Is it because it is snowing and making them easier to spot? There's also many large Khuzait armies roaming nearby...
  6. Player Loot Rebalance

    your armor and weapons feel like a dead end, everything in the game can be lost and replaced but once you equip something its forever. why not match player loot prices with the prices for soldiers (since it only makes sense your paying for their armor and weapons), and just make it possible to...
  7. IndexTM

    Schwierigkeitsgrad, Auto Allocate Member Perks, Skills, Clan Kosten, Cohesion, Stop Conspiracy und Istiana's Plan

    Ich habe 6 Themen, die mich stören und wo ich wissen wollte, ob es da Abhilfe gibt oder wer Tipps hat? 1) Dass man im Spiel nicht mehr die Schwierigkeit verändern kann. Mir ist das alles zu einfach in den Schlachten 2) Ich nicht mehr weiß, ob ich die "Automatische Attributsverteilung für...
  8. Character creation: "Rode with the scouts" doesn't give ability in scouting but in bows

    Hi Bannerlordteam, I don't understand why in the character-creation-process if you pick "Rode with the scouts" you don't get "Riding" and Scouting" as focus points? It is only a small issue, but it seems illogic. Kind regards and keep up the great work
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