1. dariel

    OSP Fantasy 3D Art Warlords of Azhrann Sword and Planet Pack

    Hi all! Releasing an OSP pack of armors, helmets, weapons (including rayguns) and some reptilianized mounts from my mod Warlords of Azhrann. You're free to use these assets in any non-commercial mod, no need to ask permission just give me credit as 'dariel' or 'drakharios'. Get the pack at...
  2. dijiTurk

    Do you think it is possible for us to see such an Bannerlord Sci-Fi mp mode?

    Roughly such* a mode: Not so basic.. Not fully realistic.. Just focusing entertainment at Sci-Fi consept.. Is this possible? I would like to see ancient egyptian mp mode, or a serie from past to future. But, not the subject of this thread.
  3. Garedyr

    SP Other [WB][STORY MODE] The Erased Century

    Disclaimer Mod was originally intended for MATURE audience only. Sensitive content can be disabled via mod settings. The Erased Century A storyline RPG - SCI-FI mod Description: Mod aims to bring RPG elements such as storyline and immersion to Warband. The story starts from the exact...
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