• Please note that we've updated the Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord save file system which requires you to take certain steps in order for your save files to be compatible with e1.7.1 and any later updates. You can find the instructions here.


  1. EpicCookies

    BL Scening Can't see the common area spheres

    Hi all, I hope everyone is taking care, I'm new to scening and I'm trying to set up bandit camps near my village scene. I cannot see the "common_area_ x" sphere as seen in the modding documentation. I've tried changing the radius and scale without seeing the sphere. The answer may be simple, I...
  2. BL Scening Soft Border Appearing Underneath Heightmap

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new at using the scene editor. I was just trying to add soft borders on my heightmap that I imported from Gaea, and the borders are appearing under the map and look all wonky. If you guys have any idea on what I did wrong please let me know. Thanks Photo of borders
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