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  1. Ellis1

    In Progress Scene Editor Custom campaign map icons crash while loading after added banner_pos to them

    I have a weird problem here, I have a big custom campaign map with many custom settlement prefabs without banner_pos including. So recently I upgrade my mod to v1.0.0 and start add them banner_pos one by one. It has no issue at the start, but after I added several banner_pos to some prefab it...
  2. Gsälzbär

    In Progress Scene Editor Assertion failed

    Summary: Since 1.8.0 The editor gives at most random things the error Assertion failed with a bunch of errors who repeat after closing it. Most of the Time it crashes the whole game. I already made a clean Install still this error occurs How to Reproduce: starting the Map as test, placing...
  3. Melee infantry & Cavalry, not pathing. Bug or pathing change?

    I've returned to an old scene project in the 1.8 banner-lord build. For some reason, Mine and enemy Melee troops & Cavalry won't move at all. Their ranged counterparts, on the other hand, function correctly. The above also occurs in newly created test scenes. It has been a while since I have...
  4. fHood

    Issues with Passages, From Castles to Interiors

    Hello Everyone, Recently I have been having fun and learning the WB Editor, and Started to make a few scenes on my own (yes im always very late to the party). At the moment im redoing a few Native castle scenes and expanding them a bit. So in this example I have redone...
  5. Question About Cave Lighting

    Hi all, So I am fairly new to the creation of scenes within the Bannerlord Modkit and I am currently having an issue getting lighting in my caves to behave like the lighting in the cave example "sea_bandit_a" included in the BL files. So far I have baked a scene with a large cover over my cave...
  6. inter17

    HELP how to test if NPCs work on custom scene

    im making my own custom scene but trying to figure out how i can test to see if NPCs walk around and do tasks. ive followed pretty much all taleworlds navmeshing points but i do not ever see NPC walking around or even spawned, do i need to test this on main campaign town? and if so how?
  7. inter17


    this is my 10th post. dont ask me to make another ticket im going to go insane lol. i deleted shader file i verified files , still shader file came back my computer is brand new. well over reccommended req someone help. i want to create scenes
  8. Maps so far made [Kingclone's Map]

    Bannerlord Fan-made Scene I'm posting photos of the maps I've made so far using the Bannerlord Moding Tool! You can see the map-making process on my YouTube channel. :) My YouTube channal :
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