1. by_bush

    Yıldırımoğulları Beyliği (1.Bölüm: Sultan Hakim'in Açgözlülüğü Bir Beylik Getirdi.)

    YILDIRIMOĞULLARI BEYLİĞİ 1.BÖLÜM: Sultan Hakim'in Açgözlülüğü Bir Beylik Getirdi.
  2. full_generation

    Resolved Colors intertwine at sunset and at sunrise. Brightness problem

    I'm on friends 1.3 main version. When I fight in the afternoon, the sunset, it becomes a color between bright and dark. Even if I fight at night, it's not such a bad color. Nothing is chosen during the war at sunset. Colors interlock. This is especially the case in sarranid cities and villages...
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