1. julijs

    Cultivation, lack thereof.

    Mount & Blade Genre Sandbox titles can be inherently flawed as they contain many staples of other genres with an emphasis on free-formed gameplay, all of which are arguably under the perception of art by it's players; one may like the former rather than the latter. Bannerlord is a...
  2. Zerotheknight

    Starting Age file location? Sandbox Mode

    Hi! I just wanted to post this thread to anyone who can help me regarding the Starting Age during the character creation on the Sandbox Mode. I would like to change the Vanilla preset on Starting age from "20" | "30" | "40" | "50" to "16" | "18" | "20" | "25" | "30" | "35" .....etc. I feel...
  3. Nodice83

    In Progress e 1.6.0 - CTD / Possible memory leak ?

    Summary: The game crashed in the middle of the map after approximately 1hr of Sandbox gameplay. Pop up shown after the CTD. How to Reproduce: I think you need to play the game, the most recent save will be upladed. Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Campaign Map...
  4. In Progress still got perents in sandbox mod

    not sure if this thing intentend or not but you still seems to have dead perents even in sandbox
  5. Pascal Schmidlin

    Thoughts on the future of Bannerlord: Civilian Equipment, Disable Birth and Death etc.

    Hello you guys, I just wanna talk a bit about what I'd like to see in the future and some changes. Civilian Equipment I'd love to have more options for civilian equipment. I want to equip my mace in towns (and make use of that to be blunt perk). Or at least the smithing hammer. I get you...
  6. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    In Progress [1.5.9 beta] 20yo Sandbox Character is weaker then 21yo Campaign Character do to missing final life development "event".

    Summary: I was messing around with starting builds in sandbox and something was just off, then I realized I was missing out on 1 attribute and 2 fp because the final choice is just gone. So you would need to choose age 30 afterwards to keep up (minus a few skill points) which 9 years is lot if...
  7. crysty7776

    Resolved The game auto dezinstaled after i tried to open it after the last hotfix

    Hi everyone,i just found a weird issue on singleplayer bannerlord so now when i open sp in the menu the only options that i have is "Options" and "Credits". And at "Singleplayer">>"Mods" i have Native✅ and (Sandbox core❌,sandbox❌,custombattle❌,storymods❌),Those are not checked and i can't check✅...
  8. Laryakan

    War exhaustion against snowball, Sandbox (create Kingdom outside the main story), kick ruler

    Hi Taleworlds and thanks for the daily patch. One of the main concern of the community at the moment is factions snowballing. One of my suggestion for this problem, until you finished balancing every factions, is to introduce a "War Exhaustion" mecanics: Being at war for too long lowers parties...
  9. Моды.

    Кто пробовал какие моды уже?что разработчики говорят о их внедрении?
  10. Wurm Online - A potential to be the open-world M&B MMO

    Summary When I picked this game up again after a six year long gap between last session to now, the game has gotten actually better with time; time with development, and in growth. This return and reflection over this time drew a picture in my mind of a lot of players banded together to fight...
  11. BL Coding Is there an example of a "finished" mod or of a sandbox for Bannerlord?

    Hi there, I'm sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm new to C# and to modding for TaleWorlds games. I have a lot of experience in other languages. I was able to use the tutorial and create my first Hello World mod, but I am not sure how to spawn a map or load a game to test different methods...
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