1. RNGregory

    Add strange set (samurai set) to the game or armor with samurai characteristics.

    Hi, please add some sort of variation of this set to the game as a hidden unique item (easter agg). Surely a noticible group of peole enjoyed the cosmetics of the strange armor in Warband. Or better yet add armor that has samurai characteristics. Imagine it with the graphics now. Sorry for my...
  2. S

    Shokuhō Taleworlds Community

    Work in progress.
  3. glue

    B Medieval Mount & Blade II: Shokuhō - The New Gekokujo for Bannerlord

    Mount & Blade II: Shokuhō - 織豊 Introduction The year is 1568. In the far aftermath of the disastrous Onin War and the in-fighting of feuding clans across Japan, turmoil is rife and has turned the lands into bountiful prey for all rungs of society from the likes of Uesugi Kenshin right down to...
  4. genrev0914

    SP Native Tetsojin - Mod inspired by samurai

    Start your conquest as a samurai-like faction, lead your newly founded faction with other clans inside your kingdom. Mod Link (Required Main File) Optional Files (Miscellaneous Files) Addons Installation: -Install Main Files first "Module" folder inside the compressed file goes...
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